Episode Twelve « The Caliente Affairs

Previously on ‘The Caliente Affairs’: Dina and her family moved out after Mortimer surprised them with a new house. Nina and Dina fell out when Dina revealed she planned to terminate her pregnancy because she couldn’t risk Mortimer finding out she had had an affair with Ed Wilson. Nina also fell out with her fiancé Don Lothario after he reacted badly when he found out Nina was pregnant. Angela Pleasant asked her parents for permission to forgo college and travel outside of Pleasantview instead. Daniel Pleasant wasn’t easily convinced but reluctantly agreed to think about it. Mary-Sue broke down in her husbands arms when she told him that the check-up she had regarding her tiredness revealed she has anaemia.

Act 1: Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way Out

It was Christmas Eve. Finally, Mortimer Goth could be happy about celebrating Christmas. For the past month he had been working on writing his will. A lot had to be sorted out – the most important thing being his vast fortune. For a while, he’d felt a barrier between himself and his younger wife. He knew that unless he changed some things, it would mean she would end up with most of his money – something he was not so comfortable with. A few changes later and Mortimer was happy he had sorted out this problem – which meant he could finally relax and start to prepare for Christmas. He stood up and went downstairs to the master bedroom, before Dina walked in from her morning jog.

Although a little uncertain at first, Dina now loved her new house… my house! Just thinking about it made her feel great. Of course, not all of it was hers, she had her husband and his son Alexander for company… for company? What was she thinking, they were her family now. Then why doesn’t it feel like that, she thought. For a while, Dina had been avoiding Mortimer in case he realised she was pregnant. Was that what had been stopping her from resuming their relationship though? Thinking clearly after her jog, Dina realised she had better make amends with this family because they were the closest thing to a family she had now. She hadn’t spoken to her twin sister since leaving them at her old residence. And although it would be her first Christmas without her sister, Dina wasn’t about to go and apologise for acting irrational regarding her possibly illegitimate pregnancy and seeking out an abortion clinic.

She stretched and remembered her husband had said he was going to be working on the computer before she left. She would call him, but it was quite early, and Alex’s bedroom was situated next to the study. She went upstairs to see if he was still there.

He wasn’t, but a yellow binder caught her eye, and Dina couldn’t resist taking a look. Unfortunately, it had been sealed, but something unsettling made Dina desperately want to know what was inside. She peered into the waste paper basket on the floor next to the computer and saw a screwed up piece of paper. She picked it out and unfolded the tattered sheet. It had come from the printer and had two lines typed on it:

'Mortimer Victor Goth'
'Last Will And Testament'

Now Dina definitely wanted to know what was in the binder, if indeed it did contain Mortimer’s will.

She logged onto the computer, but her attempts were immediately thwarted when the recently opened document which Dina suspected was Mortimer’s will was password protected. She unsuccessfully guessed a few times before remembering that this was a new computer, so Mortimer would have probably written down the password somewhere close. She got up and checked the bookshelf. She found what she was looking for: the computer instruction manual. Immediately on the first page was a handwritten list of all of their names and passwords.

Alex - 24andER13
Dina - 4evagomenasai
Mortimer - belladonna

Dina now had his password, but was shocked to see Mortimer had her password as well. Could he secretly be spying on her? What if this was the reason he was finalising his will? Immediately, Dina felt the need to know what was in that document was more important than she had first thought.

Scanning through the first few pages, Dina could see nothing that was cause for concern. A few new details about the house were obviously why he had been editing his will, but Dina still felt there was more to it. It was then that Dina found what she had secretly hoped to see – the paragraph regarding Mortimer’s wealth. Quietly, Dina read aloud the words…

“All further assets will remain within the house ’33 Hacienda Approach’ and its residents. No other wealth shall be divided amongst relatives and friends unless it is the wish of said residents. Current residents are as follows; Alexander Thomas Goth, Dina Caliente-Goth – plus.” Plus – what on earth could that mean? More money, perhaps? Dina kept on reading. “Regarding the individual sums of money for the residents; 25 percent shall be allocated to Alexander Thomas Goth – see section five, blah, blah, ah – and 75 percent will be allocated to Dina Caliente-Goth and the offspring conceived by her and Mortimer Victor Goth. In the event of no heir/heiress being born, the remaining 75 percent shall remain within the house, ownership of which shall be granted to… Cassandra Victoria Goth.” That was it. Dina would be left nothing, unless she and Mortimer had a child. Dina was shocked and angered. This was far more serious than she had ever imagined.

As she finished sending an e-mail (and changing her password), Dina felt a little better knowing that a copy of what she had read had been sent to someone whom she could trust and would know whether or not Mortimer could legally do this. Caught up in her own thoughts, she didn’t hear Mortimer behind her. “What are you doing on there?” He asked. Dina jumped up and turned around, facing her partner.

“Why? Are you scared I might find something I’m not supposed to.”
“What do you mean.” Mortimer asked with a suspicious glare.
“Well, it’s obvious you were keeping secrets from me, I should have seen it. How could you?”
“Wait. What have I done?”
“You think our marriage is just a game? Some pit stop on my way to fame and fortune, is that it? How could you leave me nothing?” Dina cried out in despair.

Mortimer realised Dina had seen his will. “You weren’t supposed to see that, it’s a private document. What you’re doing could be considered illegal.”
“Oh, and I’m sure forcing someone to choose between having a baby or having money is considered perfectly aboveboard!” Dina sarcastically remarked.
“I thought it was only fair. Given our relationship, I gathered a baby was the way we were heading.”
“And if it wasn’t, what then? Were you going to tell me about your plans. I can’t believe what you’ve done, why would you even consider it?” Dina asked.
“I think we’ve both known for a while that this marriage was beginning to fall apart, I was just doing what needed to be done in order to ensure my family weren’t robbed of their wealth.” Dina turned from being angry to being shocked. How long had her husband been feeling this way?

Not wanting to show Mortimer she was hurt by his act of indecency, she quickly left. “If you thought we were heading for trouble, then you should have talked to me instead of sneaking around behind my back and robbing me like a thief.” As Dina went downstairs, Mortimer pondered whether or not he had acted foolishly.

“Dad?” Alex quietly asked, as he opened his bedroom door. Mortimer blushed. He had completely forgotten his son’s bedroom was next to the study. Feeling the need to explain his actions, Mortimer went into his son’s bedroom for a talk.

Downstairs, Dina slammed her bedroom door and broke down into tears. Could this really be it? If she didn’t have a child with Mortimer, he’d disown her? Wiping her eyes, Dina looked up at Mortimer’s portrait of the ‘mysterious woman‘ he’d brought from his old house. Dina knew who she was – it was his old wife, Bella. The same woman that Dina had heard Mortimer call out to in his dreams, and the same woman whose name was constantly on his mind. I mean, it was even his new password, Dina thought. Is this what Dina was to Mortimer – just a replacement for the wife that had walked out on him? Dina felt sick to her stomach thinking about it. Surely this was no way to have a child. Even if… no, she wouldn’t let herself think such thoughts. She needed to clear her head. She grabbed a change of clothes and silently rushed out of the Hacienda.

As the sun was rising, her less than dramatic exit wasn’t enough for Dina, so she walked over to the trash can and kicked it over. That’ll let Mortimer know I’ve left, whilst also creating another mess for him to clean up. Although this one would be a lot easier to clean than the mess he had made of their relationship.