Episode Twelve « The Caliente Affairs

Act 2: All’s Fair In Love And Video Game War

Nina woke up that morning at seven-thirty, groggy and confused. It seemed she had blacked out about five hours ago, and was now on top of her bed, still in her formal dress. All she could remember about last night was that she and Don had arranged to have a few friends over for a sort of re-house-warming (now that the two of them lived alone together). But Don called Nina to say he had to work an extra shift at the hospital, which meant he turned up almost four hours after all the guests had arrived, with six of his workmates in the back of his car. Nina’s lovely vision of a formal get-together was instantly ruined, as Don and his work buddies all rushed into the den with chips, dip, and beer under each arm. Of course, the more dignified of her guests excused themselves, but some of the others were taken in by Don’s impromptu party. But not Nina, she was left to clean up the mess until two AM when exhaustion got the better of her and she found her way upstairs – alone. Feeling angry and confused, Nina stormed out of her bedroom, knowing exactly where she’d find Don.

Before giving up for the night, Nina had spoken Don – seductively trying to lure him to bed with promises of passion, Nina was ultimately left disappointed, as Don chose video games over her. What kind of an adult is he, she thought, she couldn’t believe that in a few months he’d be fathering their child. Well, at least that’s what she hoped. Ever since their argument, the only time Don had recognised Nina’s condition was when he had told Mortimer and Alex before they left. She found Don in the den, yawning and swaying on the spot – obviously still drunk.
“Hey, you won’t believe it. I reached the final level!” Don cried with joy.
“Really? That’s a coincidence, because I just reached the final level too.” Nina sarcastically began.

“The final level of my patience! You stayed up all night playing video games; what time did your friends leave?” Nina enquired.
“Ed was here until about an hour ago… you look mad.” Don said, with a dazed and confused expression.
“Of course I’m mad! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” Don pouted.
“That’s the biggest understatement of the year! You’re acting like a spoilt kid, and god help me, sometimes I feel like I’m your mother – which a part of me wishes I were, so I could pull down your pants and spank you!” Nina yelled.
“Ooh, that sounds like fun.” Don said, as he attempted to pull Nina in for a kiss. Nina shoved Don off of her, and smelling his breath, almost threw up.
“Are you insane! You stink like a brewery and now you wanna woohoo? Well tough luck, I’m so angry I doubt you’ll get lucky with me again until our baby’s born.” Dina threatened.

“Oh big whoop, you’re gonna ban me from woohoo again? You don’t think I’ll just break you like last time?” Don slipped out, too drunk to realise what he was saying.
“What are you going on about, I never banned you from having woohoo with me?”
“Sure you did, the minute you had your mind set on babies you wouldn’t let me come near you without checking to see if you were ‘evovulating’ – so I knew it was either do it or be damned.” Don slurred, as he mixed up his words and left Nina speechless.
“You’re not saying what I think you’re saying?” Nina questioned.
“I’m surprised I lasted as long as I did, I’ve got more stamina than I thought.” Don was suddenly proud of himself.
“The only reason I’m pregnant is because you were horny!? You never wanted a baby, did you? You just wanted woohoo – but I wanted to make a baby, and I wouldn’t give it to you otherwise.” Nina said, finally realising the truth.
“Yeah, so if you think about it, this is really your fault.” Don said. Nina’s eyes lit up with flames, as she raised her hand and slapped her lover across the face.

“You bastard.” Nina folded her arms and shook her head at Don, with a seething glare.
“Wha, What?” Don asked, shocked at his fiancée’s temper. Nina walked away, as Don stood their in disbelief. Nina was hurt, and suddenly Don had sobered up enough to realise he’d just made a terrible mess of things.