Episode Twelve « The Caliente Affairs

Act 4: Craving Convexities

Feeling totally disoriented, Dina regained her composure after Dustin Broke had walked straight into her. “Watch where you’re going!” she cried to no avail. Dustin completely ignored her and just kept on walking. That was weird, she thought to herself. Her thoughts about Mortimer had completely abandoned her after that, and it didn’t make things any easier when she realised she’d walked straight onto Ed Wilson’s front lawn, just as he was collecting the morning paper.

“Dina!” He said with a smile, although he was clearly shocked.
“Hey! How’ve you been?” Dina nonchalantly asked.
“I’m sore, I was up all night playing video games.” Ed said, as he stretched out his arms.
“Well you know what they say, no pain no gain!” Dina laughed.
“It doesn’t hurt that much.” Ed tried to act tough.

“Are you sure?”
“Yeah, I know what pain feels like. I was dumped by you, remember.” Ed shot at Dina. Ouch, she thought.
“I should have seen that coming.” Dina exclaimed.
“No, I should have seen you coming – you’re like clockwork. How long’s it been?” Ed asked. Dina was sure she should have walked away by now. Ed wasn’t the man she wanted, she’d already gone through this a million times in her head. But for some reason she wasn’t budging, and what’s more, she even felt herself beginning to crave his convex body.

“Too long.” Dina delicately announced, and embraced Ed with an apologetic hug. Of course, it started out that way. But Dina held on for just a few seconds longer, and when they parted, Ed looked at her with a knowing glance.
He dangerously asked, “Do you wanna come in?”
“I do.” Dina replied without remorse.

As she stepped into Ed’s spacious home, she suddenly felt more at home with him than she had done at her own house. What’s making me feel so connected with Ed all of a sudden, she asked herself. Dina had her suspicions, but knew that to confirm them, she would have to do something she promised herself she’d never do again.
“I’m glad y’ stopped by, actually – there’s somet’ I’ve been meaning to give you.” Ed revealed.
“What? You got me a present?!” Dina asked.
“Sort of. I definitely know you’ll like it.” Ed giggled.
“What is it?” Dina said, as she joined in laughing.
“Come closer and I’ll tell you.” said Ed, with a wink.

Knowing she was probably edging near dangerous territory, Dina threw caution to the wind and moved closer to Ed. It had been a while, but his scent was still familiar to her, and it suddenly made her feel incredibly attracted to him. This is it, Dina thought. She knew there was no turning back. “What is it?”
“Your underwear – you left them last time y’ were ‘ere.” said Ed, with a mischievous grin.
“How do you know I didn’t leave them here on purpose.” Dina suggestively propositioned.

“Did you?” Ed asked, a seriousness in his face now. Seeing the time for foreplay was over, Dina showed Ed she was serious and caressed his face before pulling him in for a long and passionate kiss…

…that didn’t stop until the two were on Ed’s bed – completely undressed.
“Are you sure this is what y’ want?” Ed asked. Dina was silent; she couldn’t turn back now that she was this far. She relaxed back on Ed’s bed and gracefully removed her underwear.

Ed smiled and paused for a few seconds. He was overcome with emotion. After their last time together, he never dreamt Dina would ever come back to him. But deep down, he’d always hoped she would. He wasn’t sure before whether or not Dina’s feeling’s were true. When she left him last time, he blamed himself. But now, he knew what he felt was real… because she was feeling it too.

Gently caressing each other, Dina closed her eyes and kissed Ed deeply. She felt wonderful, this wasn’t just a lusty affair… she actually cared for Ed and wanted – no, she needed to show him how much he meant to her. Being this close again, Dina was reminded of why she began to fall for Ed in the first place. If only she had stopped fighting those feelings and given in. She could have had all this and more months ago. The passion was building, and Dina felt her connection with Ed was greater now than ever before. She finally knew the answer to what she had been wondering about all this time. There was no denying it, the reason she felt so connected to Ed…

He was the father of the baby that was still growing inside of her.