Episode Twelve « The Caliente Affairs

Act 5: Leaving With A Lie

Later that morning, Nina silently watched Don manoeuvre his way round all the mess he’d made the night before. Nina smelt the oatmeal he was cooking and suddenly realised that in her anger, she had forgotten to have breakfast. Without saying a word, Nina walked over to the refrigerator and grimaced, as she removed a half eaten packet of nachos.

Unable to clean up after her pig of a boyfriend, Nina simply left them on the side and searched in vain for some milk. But there was none – Don had used the last of it. “Great!” She muttered under her breath.
“What was that?” Don called out from over at the dining table.
“Nothing. It’s just…” Nina paused. “No, I don’t want to fight again.”
“Oh, what? What have I done now?” Don rudely asked.
“Well if you must know, you used all the milk and now I can’t have any breakfast.” Nina answered. Don scraped his chair across the floor and headed for the door. “Where are you going?”

“To get the queen her precious milk.” Don sarcastically spat.
“Oh you are unbelievable, I can’t believe you’re mad at me.” Nina was flabbergasted.
“Come on, you want milk, well I’m sure I can manage that. I’m sure I’ll finally be able to do something right for once.” Don yelled.

“Don’t make this all about you and your problems. I’m hurt because you’re treating me like crap, and when you treat me like crap you treat my baby like crap. Sorry, our baby. In case you had forgotten, we made this thing. And now it’s our responsibility, whether you like it or not.”
“And what if I don’t?” Don blurted. Nina tried not to strike her partner once more, as she suppressed her anger, making her feel sick inside.
“Then you might as well not bother coming back from the store.”
“Fine.” And Don stormed out without another word.

Even though it was sunny and warm, Don felt frozen inside. He knew he was just saying everything wrong lately and was hurting Nina. Maybe she would be better off without me, he thought. Knowing that he couldn’t just contemplate such life changing thoughts at the store, Don set off to find a quiet and peaceful place to think about Nina and his future offspring.

Dina knew she had to face the music sometime, and after only forty minutes together, she begrudgingly got dressed and went to leave Ed’s.
“Are y’ okay?” Ed asked, as he tried to say goodbye to Dina.
“I’m better than okay, you really don’t know how much you’ve helped me.”
“What’s this mean for us?” Ed asked, wondering about Dina’s husband.

Dina looked at Ed but was overcome with sadness. “I can’t leave him. I’m sorry.” Dina replied.
“But d’you still love him?” Ed queried. Dina hesitated and wondered whether she should be honest with Ed.
“Maybe not… But that doesn’t mean I love you either, I’m sorry Ed.”
“‘s okay, I kinda felt y’ didn’t.” Ed sighed, as he tried to mask his disappointment. Leaning in for a kiss, Ed let go of Dina in fear that if she kissed him, he wouldn’t ever let her go.

“Well, goodbye.” Ed offered, and gave a friendly squeeze on Dina’s arm instead. She immediately left, seeing Ed try to hide his disappointment was too much for her and she feared that if she didn’t go now, she would never leave. How could I still not love him, she thought. After everything she knew, everything she felt. They had created a life together, yet there was still something that made Dina unable to confess her love for Ed. Rushing home, Dina thought she knew what it was.

“Mortimer!” she out into the courtyard of the Goth’s spacious Hacienda. It was what she had read this morning – Mortimer’s will, stating that unless she and Mortimer had a child, she would not receive any inheritance when he passed away. If she gave in and left Mortimer for Ed, then she would have to raise her child without any of the fine things she had always hoped to be able to give her children, and the whole town would know she was a cheat. But if she stayed, then she and her baby got everything… except Ed. But that wasn’t all bad. She got Mortimer, and despite what she told Ed, she was convinced that a part of her loved him dearly.

Walking out, Mortimer placed his hands on his hips, expecting another argument. “Back for round two, I see.”

“What? Oh no, Mortimer, that’s not what I want. I’m sorry I invaded your privacy this morning. It was a terrible thing to do and I just want to apologise and move on.” Mortimer was shocked, and smiled in disbelief.
“So you’re not angry?” Mortimer asked.
“How can I be angry when I know what I know now.” Dina grinned.
“What are you talking about?” Mortimer asked again.

“Mortimer, it doesn’t matter. All that crap doesn’t matter now.” Dina started. Mortimer looked confused and worried. Dina paused for a while, enjoying making Mortimer sweat. He had hurt her this morning and she wasn’t forgiving him that easily. Finally accepting enough was enough, Dina clasped her hands together and broke her news to Mortimer. “Mortimer, I’m pregnant.” She said. Mortimer’s mouth opened in shock.

“We’re going to have a baby.” Dina added.
“We’re going to have a baby?” Mortimer repeated. “You’re pregnant.” He added, pointing at himself then Dina, as if trying to add two and two together in his mind.

“I’m pregnant!” Dina shrieked, as she cried out with joy.

“We’re pregnant.” She said, as she held Mortimer close. “You’re going to be a daddy and we’re finally going to have a complete family.” Dina said. Finally hearing the truth out loud, a tear fell from her eye.
“Dina. You’ve just made me the happiest man in the world… again!” Mortimer cried.

Unable to contain herself anymore, Dina jumped into Mortimer’s arms and hugged him with all her love. And now she had two times as much to give him.

But something inside of her knew that this wasn’t how it was supposed to be, that the man she was hugging was not who Dina claimed him to be. Dina could feel that part of her recoil, as she poured her heart out to Mortimer. As much as Dina said it, and as much as she may have believed it, Mortimer was not the father of her baby. And knowing that, made Dina terrified she would never be able to devote herself entirely to Mortimer. There would always be that connection with Ed. Dina just prayed she could ignore it.