Episode Twelve « The Caliente Affairs

Epilogue: Spiralling Into Despair

Don had been gone for almost an hour, and now it was time for Nina’s shift at ‘Deedee’s DVD Depot‘. It wasn’t her ideal job, but it was necessary, now that she and Don had the upkeep of a giant house to themselves. Having only five hours of sleep and being pregnant was not a good combination. In fact, Nina felt terrible. As she rushed for the carpool, Nina couldn’t stand the nausea anymore and instead rushed for the toilet.

Nina fell forward and threw up violently. In a few seconds, it was over, and she shakily stood up. Breathing deeply, she wiped her mouth and slowly made her way down to the car.

But something wasn’t right. As soon as Nina reached the stairs, her vision became blurry and her feet turned to jelly.

Slowly edging one foot in front of the other, Nina tried to make it down the steps…

But her legs buckled, and before she could reach out for the banister her eyes rolled back and she fell unconscious. Nina sailed forward and crashed onto the stairs.

It was eerily silent as Nina simply rolled down the stairs as if it were a sloping hill. But it wasn’t, it was a wooden staircase that bruised and broke Nina when her body slammed into it.

Almost doing a complete somersault, Nina’s body fell all the way down and hit the polished wood floor of the Caliente mansion with a thud.

Bruised and unconscious, Nina’s only help unknowingly gave up waiting and drove off to work without her. Again, the house fell silent, as Nina laid perfectly still at the bottom of the stairs… slowly drifting deeper and deeper into unconsciousness.