Monthly Archives: May 2003

Congrats to United Kingdom in this years Eurovision Song Contest. The band Jemini didn’t get a single point and came last. GOOD! The lead girl was crap, the song was crap and Turkey deserved to win. New Big Brother Website, just Follow The Van.

Just want to state something I have previousley stated before… Kat Dennings is Fabulous!. Now if we could get Amanda Bynes with Ket Dennings website abilities then we’d have one heck of an Amanda Bynes Website. Home Alone tonight. Don’t come get me Underpants Gnomes!

Hiya. I’m going to bed now to watch South Park. Just to say hi. Please watch ‘What I Like About You’ on the WB if you live in the US. Find out more here…,8201,||1406,00.html