Monthly Archives: June 2004

I have finished my last mandatory writting order… What the cluck am I on about? I’ve taken my last ever school exam! I’m tired now, but very happy, there’s a very small furry blue animal like on those youghurt adverts that’s jumping around inside of me. Hopefully he’ll give me the energy to post some more. There are pictures of my 18th birthday over at This Is Tom and as a treat for finishing my exams I put up a little movie clip of me and my sister messing around. My aim was to mime a song that’s speeded up and then slow it down whilst editing so I’m singing it at the correct pace… It kinda made my laptop crash! So the clip’s only a minute long, but I really want to make some more movie trailers, I have one in mind for Clueless.

Hey, I’m actually updating. Must be my responsabilities of being old setting in. 2 pictures of my Eighteenth Birthday Party are up now at Pictures. I hope to add more soon.

You’re as old as you feel… I guess I’m EIGHTEEN then. There’s not much to post about, nothing fantastic or momentus, just a bit boring. Still haven’t been to see an 18 movie yet, that’ll be a high! I was in hospital for 3 days last week, just the usual treatment for my back and some blood. Comment please!