Monthly Archives: December 2003

Hi all. Hope you had a happy time over the holidays. I rate 2003’s christmas very low on my all time best. I really don’t know why but the magic of christmas was lost. The only good thing was that I got to see my relatives who live in Ireland. It sounds great in Ireland, I’d love to visit there. God… bored. Seriously I am bored………………………………….. Well see ya

Didn’t know when to post this so I thought now’s a better time then ever. That’s my cousin Gareth in Bridlington and he was on Nickelodeon. That was this summer. Hope everyone’s feeling fine. School’s out now so I’m taking a rest, OK? I saw Freaky Friday today and really enjoyed it. I’m getting more and more excited about Christmas. Not just the gifts and things but because I get to see loads of family we only ever see once a year. I’ll hopefully post some pictures from my webcam, I never use that much. C ya

So Here I am. Waiting 20 minutes for WMP to make me a CD. I thought I’d Blog. What’s been going on. Well Totally Angel is doing good at Freeserve. I launched a screening room. I’m looking foward to Season 5 which starts in January on Sky One. Something else that starts in January on Sky One is Nip/Tuck which I’ve heard about over at the UHMB. It sounds good plus one episode guest stars Leslie Grossman so that’s a plus. I’m hoping some terrestrail channel will show What I Like About You in January. Hint, hint T4 if you’re listening! I don’t think Tru Calling will hit British Screen until June/July. I went to see Matrix Revolutions. It was okay but I think the story they were telling could have been told in two movies rather than three. I completed The Simpsons Hit & Run Thanks to a little help. Now I’ve unlocked some great cars and cheats that means I can go tearing thorugh Springfield without the police on my back. I am starting school again. I thought I was all better but now I might be getting a cold :(… then again scratch that, I am getting a cold. I always get a cold at christmas time. PLEASE GOD DAMN IT SNOW THIS YEAR. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! The Amanda Show is back on Nick in the mornings and All That is back on at night. I actually saw an All That I hadn’t seen today. They were doing a cheesy musical intro, it was funny… as it is always. (10 minutes left on that CD) I haven’t christmas shopped yet which I know is quite bad but people will agree with me when I say that Christmas has just crept up this year. No warnings whatsoever (But come to think about it I wondered why they were advertising trees on TV a lot). I watched some DVD’s. Bringing Down the House with Queen Latifah and Steve Martin. Very funny, I recommend it. Agent Cody Banks with Frankie Muniz. It’s a kids’ movie but it’s trying to be adult at the same time. And Hilary Duff; not as I annoying as I thought she was going to be. However something did hit me when I was watching Behind the Music. Hilary Duff is Mini Britney Spears. They both came from Disney, they both sing (albeit Britney better than Hil) and they both Act. And I might be wrong but aren’t they both from Texas (my memory corrects me that Britney is from Kansas). Well Kansas is like Texas, who can tell the difference? (A few minutes left on that CD) So I better be going. Keep well and if I don’t Blog again have a merry Christmas. Tom xx