Monthly Archives: February 2006

I’ve uploaded all three of my major films for streaming. That’s Candle-lighters, Cellar Door and The Clown if you’re interested. I really intended it only to be accessed through my site but You Tube gives you the option to have people post comments and I appreciate feedback, even bad comments. So if you have an account make sure you show me some love… Or hate, but if you hate it then why are you even reading this?!

So I bought The Guardian today! Yeah I was only interested because of the free DVD but it turned out not to be a bad paper. In fact, thanks to their recommendation, I’m setting up my account at You Tube in order to put my films up for live streaming. Look out for them at the beginning of March, for now though, check out my first upload.

W00t! I just thought of another reality TV show that is in no way related to the fashiony-bitchy-girly crap that I posted about yesterday.


Now I’m sure this is not the first time I have posted about this shows supreme überness but to remember that you’d probably have to have been with this blog from pretty much the beginning which I KNOW you guys have not. Anyway, the show is basically about two best friends called Kenny Hotz and Spenny Rice who have a need to compete. Every week, they challenge each other to a bizarre competition – for the winner there is glory and for the loser… A terrible forfeit. But you know it’s gotta be so much more than that for it to even register on tomsbrain. Those who’ve watched it from the start know Kenny has a niche for cheating right in front of Spencer sometimes, and it’s hilarious when he gets away with it and even more hilarious when he doesn’t. Like last week (Wednesday 10:35PM, FX) Spenny made him lick fresh bird-poopy off of a car windshield. That thing is glass and the camera went inside to show you it. It was comedy, and the greatest kind of comedy at that. These guys basically humiliate themselves for our sheer entertainment, and you can’t say that about many of the zelebrities on reality shows.

It’s also worth mentioning that Sky did of course try to jump on the bandwagon when this first came about. They fashioned a UK version called Ed vs Spencer. Almost as funny had it not been for the complete carbon-copy of the American version, right down to the two “best friends”. Short lived (what isn’t these days on Sky) but I would not turn it over if it were repeated. Hint Hint FX!

I’ve had such a busy night tonight, been filming from 4 til 8 and on top of all that it was snowing! But the thing is I woke up at 1pm yesterday so I’m pretty awake and it’s the middle of early Wednesday night. And I’m all chatty but have no one to talk to – Where are you all?! So I’m just blogging to vent some of my minds thoughts whilst watching ‘Beauty and The Geek’. My reality TV watching is on the very scary uprise, along with the previous I’m also watching ‘Project Catwalk’ and ‘America’s Next Top Model’. You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say there’s a very eerie pattern to those programs… Oh well, it’s only TV. The updated layout is not fully finished. The photo gallery will be expanding because I’m running out of space! And then around next month Totally Angel will (sort of) close down. Yes you’re all very sad, I know, but it’s been over a year since Angel finished and there’s no word on any definite spin-off and to be honest the only spin-off I’d be interested in is a Fred/Illyria one. So, I’m going to shut it down, move the scans over to the expanded gallery and, as I previously posted, launch streaming media. Heh, David Mitchell just said ‘über’, cool! Ooh, an Album Chart Show is starting next month, I like the sound of that because the UK Single Chart is rubbish, rigged, rank and chuck anything else in you can think of that begins with ‘R’.