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Halloween Fiction!

Rather than making your spines shiver, this Halloween, I thought I’d entertain and creep you out instead, with the very special Halloween episode of my fictional comedy series All Cleared Up!

As those of you who visit my site will already know, All Cleared Up is about the fictional teenage life of Jamie Foster who lives in the crazy town of Sitcomland, where she encounters all-sorts of mischief and mayhem! This special Halloween Episode features a tonne of nods to lots of iconic horror movies and Scream Queens. So, sit back, get comfy, and I hope you enjoy…

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#17 « BLOG-A-DAY « 2010

Video Blog: blog-a-day – 22nd October, 2010.

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t.A.T.u. vs. Klaxons – 200 Km/h In The Near Future

200 km/h In The Near Future
t.A.T.u. vs. Klaxons
200 Km/h In The Near Future 

Little did I know that three years ago, when I mashed t.A.T.u. with Klaxons to create It’s Not Over Until They Catch Us, it would be the beginning of my biggest mash up project ever. Over the next months, I created two more mash ups to accompany that one: 30 Golden Skans, and Gravity’s Cosmos. Then, in 2009, when t.A.T.u. finally brought new material out, I decided to try my hand at another two: Snegopady vs. Two Receivers, and Vremya Luny vs. Magick. By this time, I felt like, given the freedom of t.A.T.u. singing in both Russian and English, I could theoretical create alternate vocal versions of all these mash ups, and whilst doing so, I discovered more pairings: Little People/Chelovechki vs. Totem on the Timeline, and most recently Not Gonna Get Us vs. Echoes. Sixteen t.A.T.u. vs. Klaxons Mash Ups, overall; and they’re all finally uploaded! I even created custom artwork for the collection that draws references from all the original albums involved. The main focus of the artwork is borrowed from the Klaxons album Surfing The Void, whilst the black and yellow hazard stripes are a reference to Dangerous and Moving, the “УО” emblem is a reference to Waste Management, and the reflection in the visor is a reference to Vesyolye Ulybki, all t.A.T.u. albums. Finally, the title is a reference to 200km/h in the Wrong Lane and Myths of the Near Future.

#16 « BLOG-A-DAY « 2010

Video Blog: blog-a-day – 6th October, 2010.

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