Yearly Archives: 2005

Whoa, I spent over 6 hours working on this so you better appreciate it! I just did it for fun to warm up before I start filming and editing ‘Night Shift’.

t.A.T.u – 200Km/h In The Wrong Lane (Video Megamix).

Hey, I could be in an advert for CK!Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all those lucky folks who read my blog. At the moment I’m just waiting to sit down to Christmas dinner, listening to my new ‘Best Club Anthems Classics’ Triple CD and watching my weird USB glowly lamp thing… It’s very unusual, I’ll have to show you a picture. I’ll be taking some pics tonight and some footage on my camcorder, loads of family are coming over and we’ll be “playing” interactive DVD’s – I got one, QI! As well as quite a number of other DVD’s including Peep Show and Jimmy Carr. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day,

–Tom x

I really should be in bed but I’m addicted to Google Video! I challenge you (those of you born before 1990) to watch this and not be amazed, so many hours spent listening to this when I was young…

What the hell do they put in the soda over in America? Reminds me of that “Koolaid” Fofi sent over, that was weird!

Well, I shall go to bed… Soon-ish.

I’m really annoyed at Napster, for three days now I haven’t been able to get on. Well, that just means one less program I have to install on my NEW computer. I finally ordered it, which is a good thing since my laptop is really beginning to show signs of age. I mean, for one the screen is falling off, the battery lasts FORTY MINUTES and it takes about 2 hours to recharge it – Sort of defies the whole meaning of the word portable. Ah well, it is over 2 and a half years old, I just hope in another 2 and half years I’m not repeating these words in regards to my new computer. Oh technology, why do you mock me? Speaking of which, I’m waiting for The Gadget Show to begin on five, I missed it on Monday. Ugh, and get this, I tried to check the online TV Guide to see when it’s on and because it is on Thursday morning the idiots have put it under Wednesday and now it is Thursday I can’t view Wednesday’s schedule. Stoopid!