Monthly Archives: November 2004

On Monday our family PC crashed so we had to reboot it, it was pretty sad but luckily (for me) all my important stuff is on my laptop. I cannot believe tomorrow is the first of December, I’m surprised I’ve got throught this year so quick… And done so much. In retrospect, now I feel like I’m doing so little, I s’pose it’s why I’m really looking foward to that yule tide holiday we all celebrate (well, not all of us). I linked my bootlegs on this forum I’ve been visiting for a bit, boy have I set myself up there! Ah well, It’s not as if my life depends on them… unlike my movies, if someone were to criticise my movies, I’d probably kill myself… No joking! Thanks for the sudden surge in guestbook signings, I’ll make sure to update more so you can appreciate me website, ‘cos between you and me, when I don’t update, things just look so… ‘ball of hay rolling past’… you get me!

I’ve updated a little incorrect bit in history, thanks to Steve for noticing that, also thanks to Steve for most of the pictures in the Pictures section… I sure as hell don’t take them! I’m more of a video guy, speaking of which I must remember to put up my appearance on Calendar, it’s not about my illness, but it’s my first time ever on TV and I got to speak! You’d think going to the Millennium Dome would have gotten me on TV but… well it did, but you could only see the back of my head!

This Is Tom has been redesigned and is now more hip, but there’s also about 15 new pictures to see as well. Ohh, I do spoil you lot sometimes, so SIGN MY GUESTBOOK, I’ve freed up some space on it now.

I told you I’d be updating! And welcome, to layout #3… I’ve posted about 15 brand new Pictures, just look for the ‘Updated’ tag or better yet press Ctrl+F and search for Updated. I’m going to the hospital tomorrow morning, see you later.