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If You Watch Big Brother, You Have No Life… Literally!

Now, you know I like Big Brother. And you might have guessed from looking around my site I like horror. And I also quite enjoy Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe on BBC Four. But if one were to combine all three, what would be the end result…?

Dead Set, a six-part horror drama created for E4 by Charlie Brooker, began tonight with the first two parts airing as one. It was initially paced slowly; we got to know the housemates left inside the Big Brother house and the production crew behind the scenes – mainly Kelly and her boss Patrick (and of course Davina, playing herself), who are working hard on eviction night and showing concern at the news bulletins reporting on mounting violence across the nation. The tension soon builds, and as one of the housemates is evicted and brought into the studio, a security guard staggers into an unsuspecting crowd with a gushing neck wound. Soon, unbeknownst to Davina and the production crew, a deadly virus is spreading through the public and closing in on the building.

I found it quite awe-inspiring watching Davina having her throat ripped out, certainly the most powerful scene of the night! You luckily feel for the main character, Kelly, as she not only battles with a whip-cracking boss (who survives the onslaught by pushing a disabled man in front of him in order to seek refuge in a toilet cubicle!), but is soon battling the undead. After her initial escape is thwarted (in what was probably the height of terrifying action for Episode One – my mum certainly jumped hard), Kelly is cornered into the big brother house and has to convince the skeptical, fame-seeking housemates that their reality show is over and the real reality is that the dead people are coming back to life. It’s here we can sort of see who the survivors might be, and as with the real BB, you sort of pick your housemates (mine is Space). I’ll be eagerly following the rest of the series this week so check back for more developments as the housemates and Kelly venture out of the BB house, possibly running into the other survivors, and maybe a very hungry Davina!

Too Much Life!

I’m in a dilemma! The Sims 2: Apartment Life EP is on it’s way to me, but I’m so booked up with appointments I can’t honestly say I can’t see me playing it fully until next weekend! The upside is though that the good and bad appointments are equally measured so It’s not like I’m going to be waiting in a waiting room torturing myself with what I could be enjoying. What’s on the cards (hmm, a phrase for Susie Dent’s Origin of Words and Phrases!):

Monday: Band practice (what’s the proper way to use the word practise? I think it’s the verb). Oh yes, I’m joining a band – songwriter.
Tuesday: Hospital in the afternoon followed by a possible trip to see The Dark Knight. (possible opportunity that morning).
Wednesday: FOUR appointments and a friends’ Birthday. And the day I’ll likely watch 90210!
Thursday: Cinema trip to see The Strangers.
Friday: Big Brother Final in the evening – although I’m not supporting anyone in the final so I might just watch the very end to see the closing montage.

I’d say expect a vlog, but I’ve got out of the habit of doing them so you’ll probably just be stuck with the normal blogs.

'Big Brother 8' - by Thomas McNabGoing to post a video blog soon, but until then just a little “Hey, go me!” news: I submitted some logo designs for Big Brother (pictured left) to a website and they are currently being displayed along with many others. Why not go check them out, and tell me what you think.

P.S. – I still can’t log in to update my site… sucks, but at least I have an answer now.

What a strange and eventful year it’s been so far! I’ve updated the photos section and added an old article from 2001 as well as Wednesday’s video clip of me being interviewed on the local BBC news. I was actually recognised in the street yesterday; if things keep going the way they are I’ll probably be on Celebrity Big Brother by this time next year! Speaking of which, I don’t really know what to make of the “celebs” this year, but I can’t be the only one who noticed that Cleo Rocos bears an uncanny likeness to Liono from one of my favourite childhood cartoons, Thundercats?

Cleo Rocos and Lion-O - Seperated at Birth?