Monthly Archives: July 2010

More Fiction

Ah, deadlines. They’re expert at looming, wouldn’t you agree? I should hope those of you who have just finished taking exams understand what I’m talking about. I was never one for revising, I always leave things to the very last-minute. and that’s exactly what I did when I had a short-story assignment as part of my Creative Writing class. I’d been racking my brains trying to think of what to write. I’d had a week, but it wasn’t until the day before class that I started and finished writing something from scratch – 8 hours before class, actually!

It’s funny where you can draw inspiration from. In two minutes I came up with this idea for a short story, after seeing an advert for chocolate and thinking they always make such a fuss about chocolate in adverts. It’s only a bit a chocolate, nobody would go to such unrealistic lengths as to hiding bars in three different locations around the house (and if they did, I’d suspect them of having an eating disorder). but what if someone did act like that. what if someone went to extraordinary lengths just for a bit of chocolate? That was the idea that inspired me to write Mrs. Earnshaw’s House. I’ve rewritten it a bit since its original incarnation in pencil, but it’s seven pages of some of my best and most frantic work, and I hope you enjoy it!