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New Video Mash Up!

I’m really excited to finally be able to show off my latest video, for a mash up I made almost two years ago…

t.A.T.u vs. Rihanna // All The Music.

The song and video combines Rihanna’s vocals from Don’t Stop The Music, whilst the music comes from All My Love (Vsya Moya Lubov), by t.A.T.u. – but the video is Dangerous and Moving (Lyudi Invalidi). A download of the video will be available soon, however the MP3 is already available on my Music page.

The Real Story of Clyde McKee « My Fiction

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#15 « blog-a-day « 2010

Video Blog: blog-a-day – 10th March, 2010.

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I’m going to tell you a secret…

I am very good at shopping online, but terrible at the real thing! I went clothes shopping by myself for the first time, last week. And I’m a bit disappointed that what I bought, despite calling itself small, was far too big for me. It’s made me feel puny and weak. I haven’t been out, since then. I bought two new Blu-ray’s and a nice new pair of headphones, but all from Amazon. I wish I could emulate the success I have online, out in the real world. It stops me from doing a lot more things than just shopping, truth be told. The only social activity I have in the outside world is my creative writing class, and that comes to an end in three weeks. I thought since I have given up video blogging, I would post the short excerpts of writing I do each week, here! I’ll post the two pieces I read out in previous vlogs sometime later in the month, but the first piece I’m going to post is my longest and most original story I’ve written. I have to add a bit more before I can debut it to the world wide web, but rest assured it’ll be up by this time next week. As a little teaser, I’ll explain to you how I started writing it, last Thursday. We were given a newspaper headline at random, and had to write the first thing that came to mind when you read it out loud. I was fortunate enough to choose probably the best headline…


There’s was no clapping when I read out loud my page of writing, but quite honestly I’m thankful. Despite thinking it’s some of my best work, I don’t like receiving praise… keep that in mind when you read it on this blog next week and think about posting any comments!