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That Spazzy, Little Bird is a part of my life now!

Tweet, Tweet.

As well as adding a link along with the rest of my online profiles, WordPress have kindly launched an official Twitter widget for the sidebar, so to stalk me without even leaving my website, just look a little to the left and note the most recent status posted under “Activity”. (EDIT – The widget is not cooperating is it? Not my fault, sorry!)

What’s Rocked My World in the Past 48 hours…

Firstly, the subdued breakup of t.A.T.u. was officially announced on their blog. Out of the ashes came two new projects, neither connected, but both potentially exciting.

What to say… there’s still a lot left unfinished, and the fans have been assured closure, but I’m skeptical as to whether the majority of what’s been promised will surface in the coming months. It may be a good year before we hear an official announcement regarding their films release. What would I like to see? How about a lifetime honour that’s not from MTV Russia: let them perform during the Eurovision halftime-show in Moscow (I know it’s hardly the Superbowl, but I don’t know what else to call that typically boring part when you’re supposed to start televoting). Apparently the spot’s already been taken by a Cirque du Soleil performance, but I think that harks back to my earlier statement of this interval being typically boring. Aqua got to perform in the 2001 Contest shortly before their breakup, it should only be fair as one of Russia’s most profitable exports they grant them this honour! Now, whether or not t.A.T.u. would actually accept it, is another question.

Secondly, Amanda Bynes has a new comedy Pilot in the works! “Canned” sees Amanda take on the role of newly-unemployed Sarabeth, adjusting the life outside the workplace along with her other friends after being exploited by their boss. What I’d like to see? The report says the character’s a naïve midwesterner – so how about letting Amanda show off her versatility and give her a little accent!

If you don’t know me, I’m what you would call an Amanda Bynes fanatic. I used to run the only British website about her and have been a fan since 2001. She’s lately had somewhat of a career dry-spot, but rather than bitching about it, I’ve appreciated seeing her taking time off and evaluating things in her life (let’s just brush over those several months she spent with Paris Hilton’s future husband). She’s working on a new script with Andy Fickman, the director of her most successful lead-role film “She’s The Man”, and a new fashion line. But this is exciting, getting back to what she does best! The ABC Productions Pilot should start taping next month, and I’m pretty sure those things are open to a live audience, so no doubt I’ll have more news on this project as it develops.