Monthly Archives: August 2008

Too Much Life!

I’m in a dilemma! The Sims 2: Apartment Life EP is on it’s way to me, but I’m so booked up with appointments I can’t honestly say I can’t see me playing it fully until next weekend! The upside is though that the good and bad appointments are equally measured so It’s not like I’m going to be waiting in a waiting room torturing myself with what I could be enjoying. What’s on the cards (hmm, a phrase for Susie Dent’s Origin of Words and Phrases!):

Monday: Band practice (what’s the proper way to use the word practise? I think it’s the verb). Oh yes, I’m joining a band – songwriter.
Tuesday: Hospital in the afternoon followed by a possible trip to see The Dark Knight. (possible opportunity that morning).
Wednesday: FOUR appointments and a friends’ Birthday. And the day I’ll likely watch 90210!
Thursday: Cinema trip to see The Strangers.
Friday: Big Brother Final in the evening – although I’m not supporting anyone in the final so I might just watch the very end to see the closing montage.

I’d say expect a vlog, but I’ve got out of the habit of doing them so you’ll probably just be stuck with the normal blogs.

Jesus would join MySpace!

I spent this afternoon editing the video for my Kelly vs. Hadouken mash up, and here it is…

You can download the mp3 from my profile on for now. I’ll work on updating the rest of my site (My Music) later, we’ll see how it takes off first. I’m not expecting it too – not like the Kelly Megamix did back in the day!

I Think It’s Happened Again

I’m in the middle of reposting my old video blogs and I’ve got my iTunes on random, and ‘On Your Way to the Disco’ came on by Rogue Traders, you know, from Better in the Dark, the album I was raving about last week and listened to non-stop during my trip to The Deep – well unfortunately as soon as it came on it made me think of what a good time I had had, and how I’m currently not having a good time.

This is not the first time I’ve listened to an album so much that it’s grown emotional connotations and I can no longer bear to listen to it without being remeinded of a happier time: March 2006, on my way to London to go see Goldfrapp. The album: Delays, You See Colours.

It’s funny, cos when I was listening to Better in The Dark I rememebered what had happened with Delays but I figured maybe I had partly grown out of that album and that there’s no way it would happen with this one… oh dear. We’ll see, I can’t write it all off, I was listening to ‘I Never Liked You’ and ‘What You’re On’ way before my trip so those two might be safe!

Could This Be The Slowest News Day Ever?

They’re printing an Urban Legend on the Front Page… Seriously?! (I’m aware it’s a true Urban Legend, but still) Did they think, “Shove in a pretty picture of Mylenne Class and no-one will care?!”