Monthly Archives: April 2007

It’s been over a week now since I discovered I couldn’t log into Orange to update my websites and I currently feel like I’ve lost several very-important limbs. I feel so empty without my websites to update, and I can tell you if I had them back right this second I would be up all night updating them because I’m so behind.

The day after I lost contact, so to say, I got a very confidential e-mail from the distribution company behind Amanda Bynes’ new-old film Lovewrecked, telling me that it’s being released in May and would I like to help promote it. Of course I f***ing well would – but I can’t! Well, I can, through my blog, and through MySpace (mwhahaha, so that’s what bulletins are for). Then the trailer for Hairspray was released, Amanda appeared on E! News almost two consecutive days in a row and then some wonderful goon at delivered my season one boxset of What I Like About You a full two weeks in advance. Basically, it was like Birthday and Christmas came all in the same week, but I couldn’t play with any of my presents!

So it’s made me realise that, despite Orange saying that the problem may eventually sort itself out – they can’t do anything, the database is being updated and some IP addresses have not been added to the system, and they may or may not ever be added, I just have to sit tight and wait to see what happens – Yeah-f***ing-right! I need to buy some serious webspace for Amanda Bynes UK. How serious? I’m thinking 700MB at the least – not cheap, but then again I’m not exactly spending my money on anything else these days and I consider a website on Amanda Bynes a good investment; I just wish this hadn’t’ve happened the one year everything in her career (UK-wise, anyway) seems to happen at once, but whatcha gonna do?! As for this here humble website, Tomsbrain, I’m comfortable leaving things how they are for the time being. I can still update my blog and video blogs and I do have some webspace on a server that I borrowed from a friend (must remember to thank him majorly, if I didn’t have that right now I’d be screwed).

Seriously though, if I get one more piece of good news I don’t know how I’m going to take it – is it possible to be happy and sad at the exact same moment in time? Let’s think of a positive to come from all of this – I may have rediscovered my passion writing which I’ve neglected for about 3 months now… and something else, that’s very positive, but not really related to all of this happening.

Still can’t log in to update any of my sites on Orange. It may have to come to finally buying some webspace… probably not though; I’m so cheap!!!

But I will do for Amanda Bynes UK though, I still enjoy working on that site and it’s impressive to look back on and see how much of an establishment I created. It’s now the longest running Amanda Bynes fansite anywhere on the net! The other thing I’d like to be updating right now is the ‘Fiction‘ section, as I’m currently premiering my script-based comedy series All Cleared Up on MySpace and I hope to, you know, build up a little readership (is that how you use that word?).

I lost today at Scrabble; I was winning for quite a while but then I sort of lost it and couldn’t concentrate. I hope to fix all that tomorrow or Thursday… it’s going to be an interesting week for me.

I can’t fall to sleep right now. I feel… no, I know I’m going slowly insane. I can’t even do anything productive because Orange, for some reason, won’t recognise my IP or whatever and I can’t log into update my website. It’s really a shame actually because the new trailer for Hairspray just came out and usually I’d be all over it on Amanda Bynes UK – and I am, but I can’t upload anything. Now that that’s out of the way, onto the other reason for why I know if I don’t talk to a qualified person soon (men in white coats and all that jazz) I’m gonna loose my fuckin’ nut!

But before that, can I just state that I have tried my very best but I DO NOT LIKE VERONICA MARS! However I am now a fan of The O.C. – thank you, James!

Okay, seriously, keeping it all inside is driving me crazy. I mean it! It’s 3am and I’m blogging… tell me I’m not crazy.

Tell me I’m not crazy.