Monthly Archives: March 2007

That video I was working on is finished. It basically goes like this: After performing a concert Julia and Lena (t.A.T.u) stop off somewhere for a drink where Julia announces that she can’t go on doing this anymore and wants to quit. Obviously, Lena’s devastated to hear this but Julia’s adamant and she storms off, as does Lena.

Well, being the editor in practice I am, I finally made my vision a (sorta) reality.

Presenting, Obezyanka Nol!

It’s sort of a video mash-up as I used four music videos to make it: All About Us, Show Me Love, Obezyanka Nol Live Performance (t.A.T.u) and What Goes Around Comes Around (Justin Timberlake). I NEED to get out and film some stuff of my own though as I can just feel my creative gene itching to break out from my brain. Zoe’s supposed to be coming over this weekend so I will nag her to play my murder victim in some random short film, much like I did to Katie for Mary Bloody Christmas, only this time there will be no bleeding from the nose!

UGH! I am such a retard. I edited my last post to get the code and overwrote the entry. so basically, what I said was there’s this awesome new spoof of Ugly Betty on YouTube called Fugly Betty

And if you could please watch episodes two and three because the guy who created it, Shane Yaw, said he’ll use these opening titles that I made to promote the show in the fourth episode.

Then I ranted about how it was the first day of summer, except it’s done nothing but rain all day today (Thursday), so ha!

It’s snowing again! Three times today, very odd. I’m watching Property Ladder US on a mornings now that MTV UK have cancelled TRL again – the flower just died next to me. So, Property Ladder US isn’t as good as our version, but the people who “flip” houses are way stupider and I have fun laughing at them and yelling at them through the TV.

Why did I think it was Wednesday today? Is there anything on TV tonight? If not I might watch some of my new DVDs.

Oh yeah, and if you want to know what I think about Scooch representing United Kingdom, I’m just thankful Justin Hawkins didn’t go through. I told you Cyndi was good though, didn’t I? Shame about Big Brovaz but I think they were just a bit too urban and British. I mean, how well would “Big Bro’ Thang” have translated? They should release it though, it’s a good song.