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All-New Short Film: Zo(mbi)ë

Zo(mbi)ë” (pronounced Zoë, or Zombie) is the first entirely original short film from Thomas McNab in over 4 years. It was filmed on October 31st, 2008, all in one night! The plot expands on already well established themes from the Horror genre, and references such classic films as John Carpenter’s “Halloween”, and George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”.

The story follows Tom and Zoë, who plan to meet up on Halloween for a typical night of horror movies and popcorn. But when something (or someone) attacks Zoë on the way to Tom’s house, she suddenly has an altogether different plan for Tom, this Halloween Night.
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An Update

I’ve added a much needed introduction to the History page on my website, detailing everything about me, for all those who don’t know me. I’m also meeting with the band this week, so I’ll have some news on that soon. All of my old video blogs are now available to watch, and I promise to record new videos soon. Take care, and thanks for visiting my website.