Monthly Archives: April 2006


I’m out of hospital, still on antibiotics. Feeling fine though, will write more soon.

Okay, I hope you all actually read this because what I’m about to say is important. I checked into the hospital on Wednesday, for an indefinite amount of time. I’ve got an infection that needs clearing up with some intravenous antibiotics, which means me being admitted for at least a week. It’s now Sunday and I’m back at home for a few hours because the treatment is going well and the infection is clearing up. They have the net at hospital but it’s a stupid “Learning Network” that blocks almost every site, including blogger and sending e-mails, so if I get to come home again I’ll update, but most probably I won’t, not until I’m out for good. Also My Space is blocked too. How idiotic! I just got done saying on my blog over at my page how much of an interesting week it was going to be. I guess I was partly right! I hope to find a computer that isn’t restricted as one of the staff on here said they had been looking at my website before I came in and had seen my profile on My Space. Ha, it’s so weird spazzing about relatively small stuff like this considering where I am, but that’s me. Also my guestbook is almost full so if you really want to send me a message I’ll read e-mail me, tomsbrain2_at_yahoo_dot_co_dot_uk. I can’t reply, unless I find that unrestricted access, but I’ll read them. Keep well all,

Love Tom.

Ugh, I got My Space, what a revolution et cetera, et cetera. Happy Easter, I haven’t done anything very blog worthy, ‘cept that.