Monthly Archives: July 2009

When is a New TV Show not a New TV Show?

…When it’s been on the same channel before for three years running!

Yes, that was my reaction when I found out Nickelodeon UK are promoting one of my favourite TV shows What I Like About You (starring my all-time favourite actress Amanda Bynes) as a new show they’ve picked up to screen over the Summer, in their brand new TEENick slot (think T4, if it were aimed at 8-year-olds). The show kicks off from the beginning Monday, July 20th at 6:10pm on Nick UK. Read the rest of this entry

Updates During Cancer

You see, we’re currently in the Zodiac sign of Cancer, and also my latest video project for about the Treatment of Cancer Patients has been uploaded, so the title is a play on words! Check it out, I filmed this two weeks ago at St. James Hospital (which is where I’m a patient at for two days of the month).

I’m really proud of the way it turned out and want to thank Cat, the Youth Support Co-Ordinator, for letting me shoot and edit it. Hopefully I can do more films for Jimmy Teens in the future! The other update is my Sims 2 series, The Caliente Affairs, that has been on-going since 2005, but I’m only just now in the process of uploading it to my website. You can check out a preview of how it will look when all 19 current episodes go live, via Twitpic.