Monthly Archives: March 2005

Well, I was supposed to be in Filey right now, but my Hickman Line kind of.. Got dislodged in my body so today I had it removed. That wasn’t so bad, it was basically like pulling out A.. Bogey! Or something like that! I don’t know how to describe it, it was weird. I’ll have to see if I can take some pre and post chest pictures before my new line gets put in on Wednesday. It didn’t happen whilst I was away, it happened before I left so I had to go into the ward to see what the doctor said and all they said was if I get it properly taped up to my chest then it shoudlbe okay. And it was, I wasn’t okay though. Knowing my line was practically falling out pretty much ruined my time there. Then yesterday I got a call saying I should come back since I’m in pain and they’ll schedule an operation to have a new line put in. So I came off my holiday after not ever 24 hours and went into the hopsital and stayed overnight… Then this morning they informed me that there had been a “misunderstanding” and I was having my operation next week. They got a surgeon to pull out my old line and now I’m at home.

So all I want to know is what was stopping them from doing this on Monday. I could be on holiday right now without a line and without any worries. I don’t have an infection, in fact there was No Blood at all when my line was removed! I just checked now and it still looks fine. Anyway, I feel a bit used and abused by the hospital so I’m glad my operation is not until next week. I don’t like them very much at the moment, there’s a serious lack of communication. Check out a few Pictures from my holiday… Well, my day-out anyway!

Two new Bootleg Remixes both featuring Gwen Stefani. They’re not the best but I do like the ‘U2 – Vertigo’ one, it’s better than the other one which I did on a whim because Gwen said she wants to work with Keane on her next album and I wanted to know what it might sound like!

EDIT: I’ve fixed some of the volume issues and uploaded the new version of ‘Every Girl Changes When They’re Rich’.

Hi! I made a new video bootleg. Again, not my bootleg but it is my editing. Go appreciate it. I also posted the link to the Caliente Affairs drama I am writing with The Sims 2. There’s four episodes and loads more to come. I can’t think of much more to write, I’m just killing time before I go watch Desperate Housewives… Second thought, I’m not going to watch Desperate Housewives, I’ve never even seen that show in my life and anyone who says I have is a straight up liar! I’ll probably go watch some show about cars and gadgets or some film with Vin Diesel in it. Examine the two statements and decide for yourself which one I’m actually going to be doing tonight! My cousins and family from Ireland are over in England so hello to you all. You chose not to sleep at our house… We had bed’s made and everything… How dare you!


Some news now from the BBC Cult Television Website. Looks like FOX’s new ‘Tru Calling’ is heading for the scrap heap as ratings continue to slide down and down. Now I haven’t watched any of ‘Point Pleasant’ but that’s because FOX always seem to make a habit of canceling shows I like, Tru Calling, Family Guy etc.

David Duchovny is spreading more rumours about X-Files The Movie Sequel. He was comparing that instead of it being about Alien-conspiracies it should be a super-natural thriller, the one he referred to was ‘The Forgotten’. Come on David, surely you could have thought of a better “Super-natural Thriller” than Forgotten. Either way you know I’ll love the movie because it’s got Gillian and David in it… I just really hope Annabeth Gish and Robert Patrick (let’s not stop there, how about Mitch Pileggi, Tom Braidwood, Bruce Harwood, Dean Haglund, William B. Davis, Nicholas Lea, etc.) can put in an appearance too.

And hooray! Javine won the contest to represent the United Kingdom in this May’s Eurovision. However Jordan came second… I’m still trying to figure that one out. You’re saying Jordan did better than Andy Scott-Lee, Tricolore and Gina G… That’s gotta be bruising there egos, especially Gina G who only managed to tally a mere 20 points compared to Jordan’s score of 100. Well at least when it came down to it we Great Brit’s once again voted talent over looks. Speaking of which Channel 4 are looking to renew their contract with Endemol, ensuring many more Big Brothers after #6… Also in May.