Monthly Archives: September 2004

So, I have The Sims 2, and I’m constantly on it! If you want to keep up with my adventures, then check out my first online album which is updated often, it’s like a soap opera, with lots of WooHoo (that’s sex!), Click here.

YES YES YES!!! And they’ve finally accepted my debit card!! Woohoo, hopefully my copy should arrive tomorrow and then I’ll you know… be dead to the world… Seriously, I think I may play this game for 12 straight hours on Saturday… well, not straight, I goota eat and sh*t and stuff! Plus Zoe’s coming over… or so she says!! And she’s bringing Shaun Of The Dead so I’ll take time off to watch that. I’ve actually finished all my gallery work for What I Like About You at Amanda Bynes UK so that I can spend lots of time on The Sims 2. But come next month I’ll have another 20 or so galleries to do with the arrival of Season 2. And Season 3 begins tonight on The WB at 8pm (tell your friends) which I’m keeping up-to-date with thanks to Fofi and my pals at The Amanda Forum. Well, all that’s left to say is… “Me clough-clough clough-clough!” (I’m pretty sure that’s slimish for See Ya Later)

The Family Guy marathon (on FOX) posted number two in the ratings against the Olympics on Wednesday, August 18, 2004. How freakin’ great is that! But who’s gonna show the new season over hear? I hope to god not Sky One, what with their endless repeats of ‘Boobs, Balls and Bloopers’ type shows Sky One is now a place of ridicule! I hope FX gets it, I enjoy watching King of the Hill on that channel. Source: Alex Borstein Dot Com

Oh, so that’s what that button does… interesting!

The X Files 2 could start filming sooner than originally expected, according to reports. Robert Patrick, who played John Doggett in the TV show, confirmed that his character would be making an appearance in the film. “We have the X-Files movie coming up soon and I can’t wait to reprise my role of John Doggett once again,” Patrick told Meanwhile, a report on the Moviehole website claims that the script for the movie has already been completed, a director has been chosen, and filming will start next year. Source: Digital Spy – ‘X Files 2’ to start filming next year?

Wooooohooooo!!!! Plus Season 1, 2 & 3 come out on DVD boxsets for £39.99 next month. How freakin’ great is that!