Monthly Archives: September 2005

Hey, Britney had a little baby Federline or something and I didn’t know! Let’s have a belated celebration with three of my newest and finest Britney Bootlegs. First up is a classic tête-à-tête with Christina Aguilera, next Britney’s cover of that Bobby Brown song plays nicely in the background of The Black Eyed Peas and finally Britney is reunited with her old Mickey Mouse Club friends *Nsync.

Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera – Stronger Dirrt
Britney Spears vs. The Black Eyed Peas – Shut My Prerogative Up
Britney Spears vs. *Nsync – Bye Bye Makes You Happy

Blogger, subsidiary of Google, your toolbar is not working, it keeps freezing up Internet Explorer. Ugh, so randomly annoying. On another equally random yet less annoying topic, I dreamt about Lauren Graham again. Am I getting obsessed or something? Luckily this time I wasn’t present in my dream but still, twice in a month is a bit OTT. I’ve eaten 13 Fruittella’s tonight – I should eat one more just so I don’t get bad luck or something!

Sega once used to sit with the big guys… Now unfortunately they don’t. Someone dug up my old Sega MegaDrive from the cellar and I couldn’t just part with it so easily. I cleaned it all up (cobweb-dirt and stuff, eww) and unbelievably after more than 10 years it still works! Albeit a tad slow and clunky compared to what it used to but it still works =D So what games did I own? Well, the usual suspects… Sonic, Ms. Pac-Man and Paperboy. And there are a few obscure ones that I must have inherited along the way (back when I was a good boy and got what I was given without talking back). I have said I’m going to see how much money I can trade it in for but if it’s only worth about £3 then I’d rather keep it for the sentimental value… Hmm, or am I being pathetic? It was down in the cellar because it was an out-dated thingamajig but now I have it working… Perhaps this is a tale best left unresolved.

It’s only cricket?! I can’t be the only one that doesn’t get why everyone’s going mental about us winning The Ashes. Sometimes England are so viciously competitive.