Monthly Archives: September 2003

Actually don’t enjoy this incredible picture here because… It’s not. God I’m soo pissed off today. I need to have a nice sleep and have a better day tomorrow. Then on Sunday I’ve got a christening. I hope it’s not sunny because that’ll be a stupid ‘oh my god, I’m in HELL’ trip down there. GRRRR! Post back later when I’m happier!


Well, actually no! This photo is indeed real. John McColgan took this photograph in August 2000 while working as a Fire Behaviour Analyst. More info can be found here at but for now enjoy this incredible picture here. First week over at Sixth Form. Tonnes of work but things are getting better. Bye,


Tom MorleyI want to say congrats to Tom for winning as the 2003 UK entrant at the 1st Junior Eurovision Song Contest. He’s really good and we might even win! You may see my original entry down the page about the fiasco at this years adult Eurovision. I went back to school today. It’s manic, I had one lesson today I’ve got one tomorrow. And there both my favourite lesson. I found out I was the only one in my Film Studies class to get an A. I nearly blew everyone’s ears off when the radio station at school malfunctioned and my friends in Bo Selecta. Remember to watch What I Like About You on Nickelodeon everyday at 5:30pm and also try and watch the Gilmore Girls at 11am at the weekends because it’s different to the usual shows that are on Nick. It’s mature!

Woah. I just had to login 8 times. I forgot my password. Just wanted to write and say that hopefully soon I’m getting BroadBand. Only on my laptop though because the home PC hasn’t got a fast enough GHz. Going back to Sixth Form on Monday. I made a new layout for the Season Two page of What I Like About You. Please visit it because… You know you want to!