Monthly Archives: May 2004

I went for a transfuasion today with my blood count at 9.2 – hopefully I’ll be pumped up for my Birthday! I promise photos! Wednesday & Saturday, no comments, please leave some comments 🙂

Click on the BB5 link… Now! Or Alternatively bookmark this address I’m going to see The Day After Tomorrow the day after today! I’ll post a review, going with my mate Jenny who got proclaimed too, woooo!

Well Blogger, you may have gotten a new spanky make-over, but it’s just turned your usability down to %0. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to make my own templates without being smushed into 404 land. GRRRR. So, for now, ignore the BB5 link that you see to your left, I will tell you when to push it!

Let’s hope this comment thing works. People can now leave comments on my posts, sorry for the freaky blog layout. I had 2 transfusions this week, one on Wednesday & another on Friday. This was because of my splein so I didn’t overdose it with one big transfusion and also to allow me to go to my last day of college. I forget to take a camera 😦 I’m sorry, it was a great day and I’m going to revise like crazy until June 21 now. It’s my Birthday soon!