Monthly Archives: January 2004

This is our new puppy Harvey.

So, new Charmed started on Living TV this week. Good that show is stupid. It used to be good, until Shannon Doherty left. Now it’s just 3 girls who were costumes and think they’re sexy (And Alyssa, the haircut, not sexy). If you’re wondering why I watch it when it’s crap I don’t. I was flicking through the channels and happened to watch 4 minutes of 6.01. Now if you want good TV, Angel, the fifth and final series starts Tuesday 9pm on Sky One. Speaking of Sky One… ARGH! I missed the Tony Blair episode. Since when did you put Simpsons in Prime Time. Friday at 8pm is great, you should have done it sooner. Oh yeah, when did Five start showing Dawson’s Creek. Wasn’t it on 4? God I miss the good old TV, with only 60 seconds of adverts. now it’s 4 minutes of ‘Help this child’, ‘Consolodate your bills’ and ‘donate £2 a month’. Those people make me sick… ut they must be a bit rich. I guess that’s a very good reason to do it. Shame we don’t get paid to watch them. No, we have to pay them. When I’m older I’ll get a TV and I’ll have to pay to watch crappy adverts. INSANE! Why the hell is there a TV license anyway? They’ll slam you with an internet license next and then I’ll be blogging about “I remeber the good old days when internet was free!” I mean I know it’s not free now but it’s as good as. It’s only £22 pound a month. No extra fees. Well, at least not yet. That’s how they all start. Well it’s pissing it down now and I love the sound of the rain as it patters on my window pane. It’s really soothing.

Happy new year. I’m failing my new year’s res to stop biting my fingernails terribly. There just so inviting, all long and edgy with there constant growing. I hate you demon fingernails 😦

‘kay, so where am I. Yeas. I got a new desk chair this week only it isn’t the pleasentest of things to spend 5 hours on. However it does increase blood flow and bone structure etc. I had a transfusion on Thursday but read about that here. I still wishin’ and hoping the career’s lady has the answers to all my problems. We have bought a new puppy. It’s in Scotland at the mo’ but it will be here by this time next week I think. Zero is also resting in doggy heaven after his cremation. His ashes will be with us soon. We were going to spread them but now we aren’t, I’m guessing we’ll do it eventually, just not so soon. I didn’t watch Black Christmas again, just floated on the internet. Oh yeah, we had to take the tv back to Costco. and we bought a new 32 inch one. It’s nice…. I’ll probably get burgled now! I haven’t had any other events happen however I did have my ever popular Disneyland dreaam last night. However this time me and my sister didn’t manage to get to the park we just loitered around France, which looked more like Rome (not that I’ve seen Rome but I’ve seen france and my dream bore no resemblence). Kat Dennings got her new layout and go here for something for good to read, just found it. Don’t know how much I belive… remember how hyped up I got about 8 March 2003! Goof times, good times.