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Britney Spears revealed that making her directing debut was a doddle. “It’s really kinda simple. It’s about going into a club and everyone’s just kinda staring at you and you’re like, ‘get up and do somethin’!’ You know? So just trying to get everybody to get up and dance and stuff like that. That’s basically it.”

That’s not called directing that’s called coming up with an idea and no-one having the balls to tell her she can’t have her name in the credits. She’ll be saying she came up with Crossroads next.. which is very possible seeing as it was crap… But I can’t be mad at her, she looks too hot in her new video. I’m such a weak man.

I invented (I think though some other people may have thought of it and I nicked the ‘whack’ from Dave Gorman) a game called IMDbWhacking. Here’s how you play: Go to IMDb and search a movie and go to it’s trivia page, from there you have to jump from movie to movie using only links to other movies (or TV Shows or Video Games but not Actors) in the Trivia page only. First two tries I only managed 5. But on my third try…

->- Big Fat Liar ->- Sliders ->- Stand By Me ->- The Shawshank Redemption ->- 2010 ->- 2001: A Space Odyssey ->- The Wizard of Oz ->- Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs ->- Gone with the Wind ->- Star Wars Episode IV ->- Star Wars Episode V ->- Star Wars Episode VI ->- The Godfather ->- The Godfather Part 2 ->- Enemy of the State ->- Independence Day ->- Stargate ->- Godzilla ->- Star Wars Episode I ->- E.T. The Extra Terrestrial ->- Poltergeist ->- Always ->- Aliens ->- The Terminator ->- The Matrix Reloaded ->- The Matrix ->- The Prisoner ->- Danger Man ->- Dr. No ->- Never Say Never Again ->- On Her Majesty’s Secret Service ->- Thunderball ->- You Only Live Twice ->- The Spy Who Loved Me ->- Goldfinger ->- From Russia With Love ->- A View To A Kill ->- The Man With The Golden Gun ->- Octopussy ->- Moonraker ->- Close Encounters of the Third Kind ->- The Shining ->- Raiders of the Lost Ark ->- Citezen Kane ->- The Son of Kong ->- King Kong ->- The King of Kings

That’s a total of 47, I’m sure if you go back to #43 or so you could probably squezze another 10 but I’m tired and want to sleep! Night y’all!

The Clown 2

Ok, I have news about The Clown 2. If it happens it will not be going ahead this year. However this gives me a chance to really focus on what the sequel story will be about (‘cos if it were to go ahead this April I wouldn’t have had a clue). If I go to Bridlington it’ll be in October which I like because the tree’s look great on film so expect that if I do go another short movie will be made but NOT anything to do with ‘The Laughing Clown’ saga. But that last bit is all just rumour, the only thing you need to know is that Clown 2 will not be happening this year.

Digital Spy: Duchovny to star in ‘X-Files’ follow-up:

“David Duchovny hinted at the content of a follow-up X-Files movie at Monday’s Critics Choice Awards, reports USA Today. At the ceremony Duchovny said that he spoke to the creator of the show, Chris Carter, earlier in the day, and revealed that they aim to start shooting the movie later this year or early in 2006.

Duchovny explained: ‘It’ll be a stand-alone horror movie. Mulder and Scully investigate one particular case that has nothing to do with alien life. It has to do with supernatural stuff.'”

What?!?! The whole point of The X-Files 2 was to find out what is gonna happen with the Alien invasion, lil’ baby William. I mean, hooray it is happening but what about all the unanswered questions… Well, I suppose since the Alien invasion is scheduled for sometime in March 2012 then maybe a third X-Files movie will be out before then. But I wonder how they are gonna work this. Because Mulder and Scully are rogue agents now… this plot must be set back before Season 8. Ooh, I’m so excited! And the LGM DVD is out soon. I saw Zoe on Sunday; Me, her and her boyfriend watched the whole first season of Futurama, It’s brilliant! I can’t believe Fox went and cancelled it, Fox are dumb.. dumb, dumb, dumb (thank you for bringing back Family Guy Fox, you’re the best)! Oh hey, I know what I can tell ya, but I’ll start a new post… which you’ll have already read since this one will go underneath it. Never mind…