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A Christmas Like Any Other Day

You might want to re-familiarise yourself with a certain Novella I published 6 years ago known as The Caliente Affairs. Because, in 2020, seven new episodes are being unleashed upon the internet once again! Based on my original Sims 2 stories that were shared on the old official website back in 2006, Season 2 (or Volume 2, if you’re reading on Wattpad or Movella) has been arduously worked upon to reflect the changing times, and perhaps usher in a future where the story continues…

The Caliente Affairs: On Christmas Eve, the strain begins to show on some of the relationships in Pleasantview. Dina Caliente finds herself still stuck between loving Ed Wilson and staying with Mortimer Goth, tempers flare between Don Lothario and Nina Caliente, and Angela Pleasant faces the reality that she cannot have both Dustin Broke and her dream of travelling the world. And by the end of the day, only one of these relationships will survive.


Bleeding Hearts

Not only am I running off my mouth about Australian Soap-Operas, Naomi Watts, The Sims 4, and more RuPaul praise. There are two exclusives in this week’s podcast, as I invite you to join me at The Leeds Savage Club where I exposed myself by sharing a song I had wrote about my recent hospital treatment. And, in the spirit of song, I treat you to KELL’s latest offering, My Funny Valentine (available to download for free Listen now…

Better L8 Than Never!

Sometimes, I never know what I’m going to talk about when I start a new podcast episode. I think I’m going to discuss one thing, and then I end up going off on a tangent and discussing a completely unrelated topic. I know I teased last week about one such topic, but I was swept away in the momentum of talking about my writing process. Listen now…

An Affair To Remember

It was on this day, ten years ago, I loaded The Sims 2 onto my laptop, and after a few minutes of playing, snapped my first ever snapshot. Unbeknownst to me, this snapshot was the start of one of my biggest ever writing projects: The Caliente Affairs.

Though my original series chronicling the fictitious lives of the Caliente sisters and their Pleasantview neighbours became lost on the internet (as the official Sims 2 website shutdown for *cough* maintenance), I fought to keep its memory alive. I rewrote the entire first volume (over 73,420 words) on a story sharing website called Movellas, as well as re-uploading the original snapshots on this website. This is what I wrote five years ago regarding the future:

I have experienced a lot of changes within myself these past five years – thoughts and feelings and events I had no control over. Yet throughout it all, I could turn to those lives I created on this day five years ago and take back that control I so desperately sought for my own life.

But there came a time when I could no longer ignore the amounting changes in my life, and I had to venture out into the real world. However harsh it may have looked, it was my time to come out.

As I stayed away from creating their world and focused attention on my own, the thoughts and feelings I once had no control over were now in my power, and I began to realise a world existed in reality that I never thought possible. Acceptance, understanding, and most importantly love.

That still stands to this day! I hope to complete future volumes of this story, as I have lots more to tell.