Monthly Archives: August 2006

My video blogging dream is over. All I wanted to do tonight was post another “vlog” and then watch Dragons’ Den. It seems the fates are against me on every level. My connection keeps dropping, You Tube isn’t working, Google Video takes far too long to “process” a video for it to be published in a blog, the editing program froze when I was trying to edit it and Blogger is not very realible tonight. If indeed my next video blog is processed before the day is over I shall edit this post to include it, but I don’t see that happening.


Notice how when I mention stigmata it goes really dark, I didn’t manipulate that. Also, notice how I said there was nothing on TV? Will I’ve just switched it on and ‘Stigmata’ the film is on. Is it a sign from above?

There have been some changes to the main page, as some of you have noticed! Firstly, my medical blog is no longer being actively updated, however you can still read the archives over on the “History” page. I’ve moved some things around and launched a new section called “My Fiction” which showcases, surprisingly, my fictional writing work. Next week I will be putting up some new fiction that I’ve been writing called “All Cleared Up”.

Neighbours was edge-of-your-seat amazing today. Everything all kicked off finally with Cameron and, well, see for yourself. I hear it gets even better and I can’t wait. I said to my friend I hope Conner wasn’t really killed as I would have preferred to see it on-screen. I wonder if he was killed, like that accountant/investor man was, it will be shown in a cheesy flashback. I remember when they did that for Julie Martin after she threw herself off the top of the hotel…. or, as me and my sister saw it, she threw the wine glass over the edge but forgot to let go. Slack cow! Now I’m watching “Sky Mangel’s” debut music video… how odd. And now it seems, in the style of Ashlee Simpson, “Sky” has her own reality TV show in Australia called “The Stephanie McIntosh Show” featuring Jason Donavon, whose LP I found in the cellar last week. I have to own up, it belonged to me. I was only 6! I prefer “Izzy’s” band. I’m in love with their album at the moment. I hope they make another.

The Sharon Osbourne Show (UK) started tonight. I decided to watch a bit, I half glad I did as it gave me an idea for a new reality TV show. Two expecting mothers place a bet on their babies sex. Then, they are tested. Then, the fathers have to run through a Krypton Factor esque obstacle course to get their results, whoever wins gets to know the babies sex AND if the mothers bet correctly they win a cash prize! It could be called PetsBabies Win Prizes!

I’m ill at the moment with the flu. I’ve been in bed all day but that’s okay cos I can use my laptop and watch TV but I will probably go to sleep at 8pm or something tonight like I did last night. I had two really surreal dreams, one was a bit like GTA which is strange as I haven’t played that in about a year. Anyway, this post is mainly to say that the “medical blog” will no longer be actively updated but the archives which document some of my most recent medical history are available to read in the “story” section. I’ll be making the changes to the main page soon as well as introducing a “My Fiction” section to showcase, obviously, my fiction. I feel like I shouldn’t end the last post so abruptly but it’s not as if I’m stopping my blog. All updates, whether medical or other (mostly other), shall be included on the main page.