Monthly Archives: June 2007

It’s been the second time I’ve managed to catch The Showbiz Show, showing over here on FX (a decent channel, and I like the look of Dexter which premiere’s July 8) and I have to say it’s becoming a favourite rival to E!’s The Soup. As annoying as David Spade was on the last two (it was two, right?) season’s of 8 Simple Rules, he’s actual very entertaining hosting this. Of course, no-one can replace Joel McHale, who I can’t wait to see in America’s remake of The IT Crowd this year. And as if one episode isn’t enough, there are now TWO episodes of The Soup on every week… but it’s not listed on the EPG for some reason (technology sucks) so if you like The Soup, remember it’s on Wednesday at 10:30 PM. That’s Wednesday’s, 22:30. But, as much as The Showbiz Show entertains me, it’s unfortunately three weeks behind when it gets over here, and for a show such as this, anything that’s three weeks old and acts like it’s still “pop culture” is just borderline annoying.

Speaking of annoying, I’m not watching Big Brother anymore (but I still hit BBLB everyday at 7:30).

In personal news, I think I might be getting a cold. After all, it is the middle of Winter…. what, it’s Summer… are you kidding me?

I’ve tidied up My Films, so there might be a bunch of stuff there you never even knew existed, and I’ve uploaded a parody talk show I made about 10 years ago (luckily, I’m behind the camera).

New Mash Ups, including a superb video I just finished editing on Adobe Premiere. I’m getting more and more used to using it, it makes Pinnacle Studio 8 look like crap… and to think it had been on my PC all that time! Anyway, for those too lazy to click on My Music in the menu on the left, just keep on reading and soon you’ll get to the embedded YouTube player (you will need to click the play button though).

t.A.T.u vs. Klaxons30 Golden Skans!

In other news I went to the dentist today and I have amazingly healthy teeth! So that’s cheered me up… a lot actually. I’ve been a bit down – all my own fault of course, as usual. I hope this sectioning of YouTube into countries will get me into the charts again, it’s a little embarrassing how much of a thrill it gave me when I entered at something ridiculous like… #98?!

I can now log into Orange to update my sites! I’ve updated My Films and all the stuff that wasn’t on YouTube is now on YouTube… scary!