Lady Gaga vs. B.O.N. Boys Do What U Want

(English Mash Up) 5.1 MB • (German Mash Up) 8.5 MB • ENGLISH VIDEOGERMAN VIDEO
Robyn vs. Ke$ha Your Love Is Dancing

(Mash Up) 14 MB • (Edit) 12 MB
Delta Goodrem vs. Demi Lovato Demi, Not I

9.5 MB
Nelly Furtado vs. Ke$ha Say Take It Right Off

6.3 MB
Brite Futures vs. RuPaul Too Young To Kill (Matt Pop’s “(Here It Comes) Around Again” Mash Up)

Lady GaGa vs. Serebro #1 Dance Song

(Mash Up feat. Colby O’Donis) 5.2 MB • (Mash Up) 5.4 MB
Kelly vs. Hadouken! Where Do You Think That Boy Is Going Looking Like That Girl?

The Veronicas vs. a-ha Untouched On Me

8.7 MB
Robyn vs. Angels & Airwaves Be Adventurous

4.6 MB
Delta Goodrem vs. Avril Lavigne When You’re Lost

5.5 MB
Aly & AJ vs. Panic! At The Disco I Potentially Breakup with Esteban

(Mash Up) 4.8 MB • (Demo) 1.4 MB
Spice Girls vs. Rihanna & Ne-Yo Mama, I Hate That I Love You

7.7 MB
Rihanna vs. ‘N Sync Gonna Be Unfaithful

4.8 MB
Timbaland vs. Simian Mobile Disco I Believe The Way I Are

4.8 MB
Britney Spears vs. Timbaland ft. Keri Hilson The More I Give

4.6 MB
Feist vs. Daft Punk My Moon Around The World

Paris Hilton vs. Ashlee Simpson Paris Stole Ashlee Simpson’s Boyfriend! (The Affair Mix)

Rogue Traders vs. Gossip Control You

(Soulwax Nite) 9.5 MB • (Soulwax Nite Edit) 6.5 MB
Tomcraft vs. Madonna Hung Up On Lonliness

3.2 MB
Evanescence vs. Kelly Clarkson Behind These Whispers

5.8 MB
Nelly Furtado vs. The Killers Some Man Eat Me

(Mash Up) 10.1 MB • (Full Version) 7.5 MB • WATCH VIDEOYOUTUBE
Ciara vs. The Pussy Cat Dolls Ciara’s Buttons

3.2 MB
Britney Spears vs. Rihanna Rescue Me from the Toxic

3.2 MB
Goldfrapp vs. Girls Aloud Bi-ooh-la-logy

8.2 MB
Kelly Osbourne vs. Sash! One Word, Stay

5.8 MB
Black Eyed Peas vs. Britney Spears Shut My Prerogative Up

5.9 MB
Gwen Stefani vs. Sonic The Hedgehog What You Waiting For? (Sonic’s Metropolis Zone Remix)

4.5 MB
Amerie vs. Beyoncé One Crazy Thing Called Love (Radio Edit)

6.7 MB
Ashanti vs. Mya Only U’re Ex

6.1 MB
Gwen Stefani vs. Britney Spears Me Against The Girls (Full Version)

5.9 MB
Gwen Stefani vs. Beyoncé Rich & Naughty Girls

3.4 MB
Shaft vs. Destiny’s Child Mucho Bills

4.5 MB
Gwen Stefani vs. Keane Every Girl Changes When They’re Rich

5 MB
Gwen Stefani vs. U2 Waiting For Vertigo

3 MB
Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears Stronger Dirrt

5.3 MB
Britney Spears vs. TLC Baby Scrubs

3.4 MB
Britney Spears vs. Britney Spears A Slave 4 My Prerogative

4.4 MB
Nelly Furtado v Scissor Sisters Turn Off Laura’s Light

5.5 MB
Christina Aguilera vs. Fat Boy Slim Beautiful Skank

3.6 MB
Britney Spears vs. Justin Timberlake Rock Your Crazy Body

4.2 MB



Missy Elliott vs. Fergie Fergaloose

3.4 MB
t.A.T.u. vs. Justin Timberlake Nobody’s Come Around

4.5 MB
Gwen Stefani vs. Linkin Park Cure For The Itchy Back Girl

2.5 MB
Mariah Chemical Romance All I Want For Christmas

5 MB
Britney Spears vs. ‘N Sync Bye Bye Makes You Happy

4.3 MB
Christina Aguilera vs. Knuckles The Echidna Genie in a Bottle (Lava Reef Remix)

1.4 MB
Black Eyed Peas vs. Kelis Shut Up vs. Milkshake

3.2 MB
Aaliyah vs. Christina Aguilera More Than a Genie in a Bottle

4 MB



Jem and the Holograms The Misfits Megamix

t.A.T.u. 200 Km/h In The Wrong Lane

55 MB
Natalia Kills Love, Kills xx

(Episode 1) 22 MB • (Episode 2) 6.1 MB
t.A.T.u. Управление Отбросами (Transcendent Version)

Liam Kyle Sullivan Kelly Megamix

t.A.T.u. Dangerous And Moving

(Album Medley) 19.4 MB • (Megamix – Edit) 4.4 MB
Rogue Traders Here Come The Drums Megamix

12.9 Mb
Gwen Stefani Love, Angel, Music, Baby

9.8 Mb


Mash Ups

(vs. Katy Perry) Not Gonna Get Us «неу неу неу ямх»

(English Mash Up) 8 MB • (Russian Mash Up) 5 MB • ENGLISH VIDEORUSSIAN VIDEO
(vs. Lana Del Rey) Dark Paradise

(smoliakov.pavel vs. t.A.T.u. Bootleg) 4.3 MB
(vs. Katy Perry) t.Æ.T.u.

(Mash Up) 8.3 MB • (ExTension 119 Vocal Edit) 8.9 MB • (ExTension 119 Remix) 12.5 MB • (ExTension 119 Edit) 8.9 MB
(vs. Bronski Beat) Small Clown Boy

(English Mash Up) 10 MB • (Russian Mash Up) 11.2 MB • ENGLISH VIDEORUSSIAN VIDEO
(vs. Timbaland and One Republic) White Robe

(Apologize Mash Up) 7.9 MB • WATCH VIDEOYOUTUBE
(vs. Timbaland and One Republic) Beliy Plaschik

(Apologize Mash Up) 4.5 MB • WATCH VIDEOYOUTUBE
(vs. Rihanna) All The Music

(Mash Up) 10.8 MB • (Edit) 8.7 MB • WATCH VIDEOYOUTUBE
(vs. Britney Spears) Break The Ice

(Divine Mash Up) 4.8 MB • WATCH VIDEOYOUTUBE
(vs. Linkin Park) Show Me You Love

(Mash Up) 6.5 MB
(vs. Linkin Park) Perfectly Numb

(Mash Up) 6.2 MB • (Clean Edit) 6.1 MB • (Demo) 8.1 MB
(vs. Good Charlotte) Not Gonna Be Victims of Love

(Mash Up) 5.4 MB
(vs. Nickelback) How You Remind Me

(Obezyanka Nol Mash Up) 8.4 MB
(vs. Sergio Galoyan) (30 Minutes) To Decide

(Mash Up) 5.1 MB
(vs. Evanescence) Sacrifice Everybody

(Mash Up) 2.8 MB
(vs. DJ Quicksilver) Простые движения

(Prostye Dvizheniya – Arabesc Mash Up) 4.7 MB • (2018 Version) 13.8 MB • YOUTUBE
(vs. Lost Tribe) Friend Or Foe

(Lost Tribe’s Gamemaster Mash Up) 2.2 MB
(vs. Robert Miles) Not Gonna Get Us

(Run From The Red Zone Mix) 9.7 MB • (Run From The Red Zone Radio Mix) 2.6 MB
(vs. ABBA feat. Madonna and Vanilla Ninja) Gimme Friend or Gimme Foe

(Mash Up) 5.5 MB
(vs. Robert Miles) Loves Me Children

(Club Edit) 3.3 MB • (Original Edit) 5.4 MB • (Demo) 4.2 MB



Sparks / Snowfalls

(Transcended Invasion Remix) 14.2 MB • YOUTUBE
220 / Snegopady

(Transcended Invasion Remix) 14.2 MB • YOUTUBE
All The Things She Said

(Extended Russian Invasion Remix) 11 MB • (Extended Remix) 4.2 MB
Not Gonna Get Us

(Extended Russian Invasion Remix) 10 MB

(Extended Invasion Remix) 7.4 MB
Vremya Luny

(Extended Invasion Remix) 10.8 MB

(Extended Invasion Remix) 7.1 MB

(Extended Invasion Remix) 12 MB

(Extended Invasion Remix) 8.5 MB
Ty Soglasna

(Extended Invasion Remix) 12.6 MB
Не жалей

(Extended Intro Edit) 5 MB
Loves Me Not

(Extended Intro Edit) 6.7 MB