Monthly Archives: April 2005

I haven’t told you about last Friday… Harvey my dog, you all know and love him, managed to somehow lock me and my mum out of the house. He didn’t use the keys (you were thinking it, dumbass) but he knocked the bolt on the bottom of the door across, my mum had to summon her manly stength to break the lock off, but don’t think you can come and burgle us now, we still have another 3 locks, in places where Harvey can’t reach… or can he? He’s too smart for his own good sometimes! I have some kind of job interview tomorrow, I’ll tell you about it later,


I have two new Bootleg’s over at the Bootleg Remixes page. The first one is nice and summery, mashing Shaft’s cover of ‘Mucho Mambo’ with Destiny’s Child’s ‘Bills, Bills, Bills’. The second one is a bootleg video of Gwen Stefani’s new track Hollaback Girl, which by the way is the Banana’s, against Cameo’s ‘Word Up’, now here’s some totally useless information, but both of those tracks (Shaft & Cameo) can be found on the first Dancing Stage (aka Dance Dance Revolution) arcade game, found now lurking around the back of the arcades in Bridlington because it’s quite old, even though it is the best Dancing Stage out of the lot.


I’m back from my operation, I came back Thursday night, it was quite tough this whole past nine days, especially considering the state of hospital’s now. It’s been 2 and a half years since I’ve had an operation and a lot has changed since then. There was one good thing, I got to keep my hitman line on the right side of my chest, but the bad thing is that they didn’t know they had to put a line in that has two ports and so they only put in a line with one port. This, in my opinion, is going to make things very difficult. However, there’s supposed to be some advantages to having just one port… I’ve yet to find them. I’m sore, but my throats a lot better than before, I thought I was going to lose my voice (oh no!). The doctor’s admitted it was a mistake putting in just one instead of two, it’s really unbelievable thinking about it. This whole past nine days, errr, I just want to forget about them please! New pictures up soon.

Well, like an animal trying to survive in the wild, Yahoo have announced they’ll be offering 1GB of storage soon. Coupled with G-Mail’s ever growing 2GB that’s a helluva lot of space for me to keep e-mails. Thanks for all the ones so far and the signings in my Guestbook. It’s my operation today, If it goes marvellously well I might be home tonight, but I don’t expect to be. I’ll be home some time on Thursday. There’s a new episode of The Caliente Affairs online now!