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Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. What to tell you… I celebrated my 19th birthday (which is on Thursday) yesterday. There’s some Pictures up now. I’ve got an infection, as per usual at this time of year. I’m taking antibiotics. Did I tell you I’m getting a digital camera of my own so I’ll be able to update the pictures page more often. I can’t think of anything more to say except thanks for looking at my site!

It’s that time of year again folks, when decency is looked away along with 12 other people in house called Big Brother. As I said before this year will not be as fun so I don’t think I’ll watch as much unless someone interesting is in the house. There’ll be no website, don’t worry! Yesterday was my last Thursday as an 18 year old. It is very sad and for some reason I am very scared of turning nineteen. I have an infection and it’s gotten me down, but I woke up happy today because I dreamt about one of my friends and it was nice to see them, even if it was only in my dream. I got The Sims 2: University but I haven’t installed it yet, I shall be tomorrow as I am by myself so I’ll have nothing else to do, also I am buying myself a digital camera for my birthday so there’ll be a lot of new photos popping up over at ‘This is Tom’ – I hope I’m a good photographer, I dropped out of photography after about 3 weeks, it was medical I assure you *innocent*! Yeah, the chemical’s involved in developing we’re to irritant for my skin or whatever, and they had a lot of feild trips to places outside which as you know is not my scene! Speak to you again soon.

And now another rant about The Eurovision Song Contest: Semi Final that determined the final 10 of the 24 finalists in Saturday’s contest…

Live Show:

Read my new Total Film through most of it, boring and some sound issues got especially annoying during the best song of the night!

The 10 Semi-Finalists:

Hungary: Bit forgetful, but still good.

Romania: Not bad, I can see how it got votes.

Denmark: Blaeck! Sympathy vote I assume.

Norway: COME ON, COME ON, COME ON! A sure winner 😉

FYR Macedonia: Definately deserved.

Croatia: The Snake Charmers! I didn’t know snakes could dial phones!

Latvia: More sym-pathetic voting!

Switzerland: This song is definately my second favourite, and the Ninja Vanilla girls are gorgeous!

Moldova: Erm… Whatever, it’s too late.

Israel: Alright, I can’t say it’s a bad song but I can say they were better ones.

And My #11…

Belarus: Unfortunately the live version let this great song down.

My 5 favourites… (in no specific order)

1: Norway

2: Switzerland

3: Albania

4: Cyprus

5: Germany

This is the point in time where I miss school. Purely for it’s sociality (if that’s even a word). Miss bitching on a morning about the Eurovision and Big Brother, texting is just not the same, I’m tempted to schedule an emergancy last minute Eurovision party… Or maybe I’ll wait, it is my birthday in 15 days after all! No-one better not come this time, or else I’ll be uber-mad! I made pointless ramblings about some of this year’s ESC entires

Estonia – Estonia have the talent to go all the way (as we’ve seen
already) but as much as I’ve praised this song before, I don’t see it doing as
well, just because of the amount of better entires. Possible Top 5.
Albania – Catchy! Am interested to see how this will be performed.
Andorra – Mysteriously hypnotising, could subliminaly persuade viewers to vote!
Austria – Yoddle…. No-ddle!
Belarus – My favourite now, even if the keyboards are a bit ‘ninties-pop’! Should do well, can see it getting high points from Great Britain.
Belgium – Aww… Pretty! Less X-Factor, more Snooze factor!
Bosnia & Herz – Nooooooooooooooooooooo! And Feminnem, come on!
Bulgaria – Hmm, will probably land somewhere in the middle.
Croatia – Nah, but if snakes could vote they’d choose this!
Cyprus – Catchy, very catchy. I like it a lot and consider it’s chances of winning high. Flaw could be that it’s similar to Albania’s, whichever comes later will be disregarded as a copy
France – One of the best French entries for ages, I knew they had some decent artists lurking in there somewhere!
Germany – Sounds like Avril Lavigne, could definately get into the top 5.
Greece – Good, if not slightly annoying. This year’s entries seem to be full of snake charmers!
Hungary – See post above. Snake Charmers, seriously!
Iceland – You’re right, someone’s ripping off Toxic! Good tune, weak
Ireland – Did I read this was remixed… Good job, but still crap lyrics.
Israel – Blaa, went in one ear and out the other
Latvia – Might tap into a certain niche of voters
Norway – Wow, that was a relief, I was beginning to think this
competition was full of balads! Norway kicks ass