Monthly Archives: April 2004

I’m at college, the computers are working, for a bit! This school’s going down, way down. Something big’s going to explode round here very soon but luckily I won’t be around when it goes off. Hello Annette who sent a message to me through Freinds Reunited. I’m very well, I’ll tell my mum you wrote. It’s Film Studies next, practice exam. Then Media, Parctice Exam. YAWN! Think of something more original, well, I’ll be off, before someone who actually matters starts reading this! Toodooloo

Wow I’m tired. Ooh, Frasier’s on tonight, yes! Wish that got more promotion. Stupid C4, booo, boo. Say hello to my old friend Aaron Harris, check out his band’s website at (pronounced ‘Penny Skola’). Updated The Clown which nw has the trailer up for the ALL-NEW movie. I’m going to get it’s own address soon because the movie is such of an epic! Even my teacher wants a copy.

An ever telling sign that you need to change e-mail providers is when you recieve spam sent from your OWN E-MAIL ADDRESS! I’m definately happy I have taken up a new account with GMail. I won’t actively post the address because I don’t want this one to gather spam but I’ll find a way to tell you soon. But you know there’s always my Yahoo address, there okay. Eurgh, I had to watch 60 Minute Makeover again today. Today’s house looked even worse! The wallpapering was really crappy and the colours were horendous. Psycho is on tonight on ITV1 at 11:55, I’ll try to stay up and watch it, one of the best horror films ever made. “He wouldn’t even hurt a fly…” Mwahahahahaha.

My blood count is 8.0, I’ve got a terrible cold so it’s actually not so bad, to say I have a cold. There’s a new layout at Tomsbrain.