Monthly Archives: June 2003

Jenny’s decided to stay at college. I’m happy my little cheese puff is staying 🙂 I’m feeling better and I’m able to do the radio station 2moro but now I’ve got homework to do so byebye… Tom

Okay so I’m no good with updating my blog. But I’ve been busy what with my 7 other websites. Sometimes don’t you feel like giving it all up and moving to a field with cows. Not going to school 2moro because I feel ill. Got 2 numbers round in Countdown today and hurray, the dude with the doormat chin has gone. Amanda Bynes is coming to London July 27 and my mum says she’ll take me to see her. That should hopefully fill the void that is the summer holidays. I guess Jenny knows by now whether or not she made it in to college. I hope she’s pleased with whatever the results were. GRRRRRRRRRRRR, life currently sux 😦 24 hours a day is not enough.

Hi. I’m going to be setting up more pictures at Totally Angel soon. OMG! I’ve been arguing with N today. D said she was going to have words with her so perhaps it will be sorted 2moro. Me and Jen were on the radio 2day but we couldn’t get it working so we only got on at 13:30 which meant we had 15 mins left. Then we got insulted by a bunch of year 9’s. HELLO? You wanna try doing it, ‘cos it’s alot harder than it looks.

This is Tom “I wanna gut you like a fish” Mcfabulous

Hiya. Spiced up the layout for Summer.