Monthly Archives: October 2005

Happy Halloween

Check out this recent cast call for the video for t.A.T.u’s next single “Friend or Foe”

tATu music video-NEED BAND MEMBERS!!!
Majorly Goth/alternative kids with energy, also should be able to play an instrument. Alternative looking girls, tattoos, piercings, mohawks etc.

Sounds good! Original the duo were going to release Dangerous and Moving and in my opinion I think it’s a stronger song than ‘Friend or Foe’ but the fact that Sting plays the bass on ‘Friend or Foe’ might probably get the song some attention. The video was shot last weekend in Hollywood and directed by James Cox (again!). Looks like it might be released in December or January which is a shame because I was kind of personally gunning for ‘Gomenasai’ to be this years Christmas number one!

You know, with all these crappy wishy-washy men pouring out their hearts in the Top 10 at the moment (see Daniel Powter, James Blunt, Lee Ryan etc.) I’m quite bewildered to find out that Gavin DeGraw tried and failed to launch his Top 40 US album ‘Follow Through’ over here. How on earth did that happen when the British public are practically falling over themselves to shell out $^%* loads of cash for those other no-talent losers. Hopefully BMG will ‘follow through’ and eventually, when all those one-hit wonderboy’s have faded away, Gavin can rightfully take centre stage. Saying that, there’s a lot of decent American artists who are also cruelly kept from our ears, when simple girls like Kelly Clarkson can just warble a few immethodical lyrics and once again we rush in our thousands to buy and buy and buy!

Australia’s $1,000,000 question…

Which of these popular ’60s TV shows premiered first?

A: Bewitched

B: Get Smart

C: Hogan’s Heroes

D: I Dream of Jeannie

Okay… Seriously though, what the hell kind of a million dollar question is that? Or maybe I’m just really smart, ooh I like that option, let’s go with it!