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This Is Our Future

“We must warn you before listening to this song…” a rather apt introduction to my playlist of original lyric recordings. They might not sound polished as they were all performed, written, and recorded on cassette by myself – in my bedroom, between 1996 and 1999. I began writing lyrics when I was about 8-years-old, but didn’t really focus on my talent until I turned 10! That year I started writing down verse after verse of anything and everything that was on mind. From harmless childhood games, to first loves, and breaking free and being rebellious, I documented it all, and still keep most of the original handwritten lyrics in a folder in my bedroom. These aren’t necessarily the best of the bunch, in fact, I only just managed to scrape together the required 8 by including a few alternate recordings. So, press play, and read more about each song below…

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Everyday Brings Some Hope…

Unlike my previous post, I’m not gonna tell you to listen to this playlist before you read all about it. You see, you have to understand, I was TEN YEARS OLD! I was a misfit, I didn’t fit in and – hello, I was allergic to the sun! So yeah, I spent most of my time indoors by myself. And I guess you can say that’s partly how this recording was born. I didn’t put as much effort into it as I should’ve. At one point in the full recording, you can hear in the background my old beloved dog Zero barking his head off! I didn’t know much about music. My favourite artists at the time were Spice Girls, Michael Jackson, No Doubt, and (old favourites) 2 Unlimited. Laugh all you want, though – all those artists have had UK #1 Records. So, my heart was in the right place. All I did was put pen to paper (or in some cases, fingers to keyboard) and let my feelings pour out. I tried hard to have a fixed melody in my head, but I wasn’t accomplished in the art of music, so I went acapella.

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