Monthly Archives: April 2009

Moon, Snow and Gold!

I’ve finally uploaded my second t.A.T.u. vs. Klaxons EP, it’s available to download in the music section along with the previous EP. The videos have also been uploaded to YouTube. Here’s the pretty artwork!


1. Vremya Luny (Magick Mash Up)
2. Snegopady (Two Receivers Mash Up)
3. 30 Golden Skans (Russian Vocal Mix)

Track one combines the t.A.T.u. album track from Happy SmilesВремя Луны (Vremya Luny), with the Klaxons single Magick. Track two mashes together the verses from t.A.T.u.’s new single Снегопады (Snegopady) with the Myths of the Near Future track, Two Receivers. Finally, track three is a revisit to a previous mash up, 30 Golden Skans, but remastered with the Russian vocals from 30 Mинут (30 Minut).

The Return of the LFF!

Rather unexpectedly last week I received an email notifying me that the 10th Young Persons Film Festival in Leeds was on – and thank God I did, because one of the films on display was a movie I’ve been aching to see since I read about it last November.

Låt den rätte komma in AKA Let the Right One In is definitely a lot more well known than some of the films I saw at last years International Film Festival – in fact its been given a mainstream cinema release in UK Cinemas from today! I’ve not heard a lot of bad things about it; some people say it’s too slow, but I thought it was paced perfectly in order for you to feel for the characters. Without that the connections would have lacked meaning and sentiment. Check out the plot and trailer after the jump, but it may contain spoilers! Read the rest of this entry