Monthly Archives: May 2007

Hey! I put up the spanky new layout just in time for my Birthday on Saturday. But, if you’re visiting this through the old, evil Orange site then remember to go to because I can’t log in to Orange anymore. I added a new contact link, because I have a profile on Multiply now. It’s a bit bare at the moment but hopefully my mash up songs and videos will all be there soon for you to watch and download. A quick shout-out to someone who probably isn’t reading this, but if you are then happy Birthday Ruth!

I don’t know what has happened but it appears that Lift My Spirits has been removed from Google Video. I’m going to do my best to find out what’s happened, but the webmaster of Jimmy Teens TV is currently in hospital so I know for definite if it has been removed it won’t be back up for a while.

This is the final straw, I am so sick of all the webrelated mess-ups that have taken place over the past month. What did I do that was so bad the God of the Internet (Al Gore?) felt the need to punish me and my little babies?!

In any case, I am working on a revised layout of Tomsbrain to coincide with my 21st Birthday, even if in the eventuality it all turns out to be for a lost cause. I’m not going to give up, but apparently something out there doesn’t want me to succeed…

I didn’t get the chance to read my Guestbook before I made my video blog, but thanks for visiting my site, David. I’m actually still having problems updating (any page that has ‘mysite’ in the address, I can’t update), so I hope I can remember how to log into the website where I registered my “” address and that way you won’t all have to learn a new URL if/when I update Tomsbrain. Keep signing, readers. Or ,if you are registered on YouTube leave me a comment on my video blogs – even abuse, if for some reason you despise me… cos I can take anything!