Monthly Archives: December 2004

This is spectacular last post of 2004. Deal with It!

Look’s like someone else has the name MCT Productions. so once my next movie comes online (if it does come online) I’ll probably have a new ‘McT Movies’ logo instead. The reason I said ‘if it does come online’ is that I might submit my next movie into a competition so I can’t release it online if I do that until the competition is over. Anyway, what am I saying, I haven’t filmed a second of anything for a new film yet so anything that does come online will either be old (working on it) or redundent footage that I’d rather have on the net then in a competition. Oh and YES, there may even be a ‘Clown 2’ in the works as my next movie. If I can go away again to Bridlington I will not pass up on the opportunity to film. I’ve toyed around with some ideas for a return storyline but they pretty much suck and I don’t want to make yet ANOTHER version of the first film (although the temptation may take over if nothing new comes up) so if ‘Clown 2’ takes place it will probably be an entirely new chapter a different cast. If not then another movie will be made using the cast of ‘The Clown’. I say all this now, it’s all just in my head at the moment, but it’s safe up there. So, a merry christmas. I’ll be back with some more of my earlier movies (including my first ever edited film… which hasn’t got a name) early next year so please visit again soon.

I put up that clip of me on Calendar news on ITV1! Clicky Clicky! I think I have a cold coming on, my sinusesess feel bad. Pray for me!

Hey, I actually did something yester/today that’s worth blogging about! I made a new bootleg that’s currently storming its way through my friends on msn… but you can’t here it yet!! Only kidding; Here it is. I copied a CD for Haley’s work, she’s back at Level One hairdressing now, which is good ‘cos she comes and sees me mostly everyday now, and I can see her, like I did yesterday, I actually went out of the house! Today I woke up at 1:30pm ‘cos I was up talking to my cousin in Ireland and then I had to rush and get my clothes on ‘cos we went to Costco, but not before watching “When Worlds Collide”!!! That movie sucks, but in a good way, thank you Gay Snart! At Costco I bought a 10 pack of DV tapes and that was it! Once I get a mini fridge in my bedroom I’ll be able to stock it with whatever and get to buy stuff in bulk like Flamin’ MOSTER MUNCH! Can you put crisps in the fridge? Click, click, click!