Monthly Archives: February 2004

Hi, I’m blogging on my dad’s new (well, second-hand) PC. I’ve been installing all his files, scanner, printer and internet because he doesn’t know how to 😀

I’m going to watch new South Park tonight because Kenny finally comes back from the dead… I hope. I managed to get the movies onto DVD but they’ve come out all icky, looks like I’m going to have to go to my last resort resort. But not that you’re bothered. If you’re having trouble watching the clown then hopefully it has been made a lot easier, Netscape and some IE explorers will now display a loading bar. Thanks Wal 😀

So, my blood count is down to 8.0 – after being 10.0 last week – that’s bad. My line is pussing so I’ve had some blood cultures but there’s been no word if they’ve grown anything, which probably means they haven’t. Transfusion on Friday, g’night & SIGN MY GUESTBOOK please.

Hi. I’ve just typed 1466 words for my Film Studies script. That’s made me feel better since my day’s been crap. The movies I’m trying to convert to DVD’s aren’t cooperating. GRRR! But, never mind – I’ll figure it out. See you later, I’m going to watch Fraiser, good job I caught it, stoopid C4 for not promoting it enough.

More pictures of Harvey at ‘This is Tom’. Geocities doesn’t let you hotlink for some reason.