Monthly Archives: July 2003

I overcame my DVD problem and now I can put my edited movies onto VHS. I’m shrinking the 13 minute movie into small episodes so I can e-mail them to my friend. If they work I may put them up on my site for people to watch. The only problem is I’ve used music from Mark Snow’s album ‘The Truth & the Light’ and I think that might be a problem. Oh well, as long as no one wants to see them yet. If you do you can drop me an e-mail, I don’t mind. Well, at this point I don’t mind, just don’t start e-mailing me every day asking me idiotic questions…

Anyway! 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Tom.

I was going to create a DVD using my new stuff but now I don’t think I can. Oh well, I’ll try. Did hardly anything today. Really Enjoying BBUSA on E4 though. Jack to win!

I updated the layout of my website again. ARGH! THis one will stay becasue it stays in theme with my homepage Tom’s Brain UK. It’s the summer holidays but I’ve been bored. Thgat’s why I’ve been updating my websites alot. A new layout comes to Amanda Bynes UK on Monday as well. That’s when I start my first proper day at work. I bought two posters from Movie Market, one’s above my desk so I’m staring at it now. I’m unsure how many visitors I get but I hope whoever’s reading this enjoy’s it. I know I can’t offer much excitement but hey, give me credit, it’s not as if I can just waltz outside everyday and fall into an adventure. This is England! I’m happy and if you don’t like reading about me then don’t. But if you do then you will be rewarded with, uh, stuff. Juicy gossip! Well slightly dry gossip, but, let me think of some and get back to you.


I’ve been working with my new fab camcorder. I’d like to put up some stuff to show you but the file sizes are about 3MB and my 56K dial-up can’t really seem to cope taking that long to upload it. Anyway. If I get a smaller file size I’ll try and put up a link to show off my editing skills.

Keep Cool, Love Tom