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Source – Digital Spy: ‘The Fog’ remake planned: “Classic horror film The Fog is to receive a modern-day remake.

The original movie told the tale of a crew of drowned sailors who returned to a town 100 years after their death, bringing a mysterious fog with them.

The movie is being rewritten by David Foster, while original director John Carpenter will be co-producing, but won’t return to the director’s chair.

Carpenter told The Hollywood Reporter, ‘I have done it once, and I don’t want to do it again. I did my Fog and now it’s someone else’s time.

‘It’s very flattering. It’s terrific that they want to make it. We have been thinking of doing The Fog over for some time, as maybe a sequel. But now is the season of the remake.’ “

I’m gonna talk about a good friend of mine, you might have heard me mention her before. She’s one of my best friends and was great to be with at school. I’m about to tell you about her chats with me and recently how her chats have always been on the boys that are infatuated by her (names have been changed to protect identities). First, there was… well, this one guy, who was a friend of hers, and told her his feelings with a letter, she responded to him that at the moment she’d just like to remain friends… or something like that, for some reason I didn’t hear much about that one. Then all was quiet, until just as we were entering out last months at our school she Messaged me in the night and told me how she “proclaimed” something. She was very coy saying she didn’t want to go into much detail, but that was obviously a lie, she needed advice and wanted to tell me, but it ended up being drawn out until finally she told me that she’d told one of her friends from Art Class that she fancied him. It was no surprise she liked him, I’d seen then together in Art Class and always thought they looked like a good couple. But as anyone knows… it takes a while for friends to become more than friends. With these two, trust me, it’ll happen eventually. But until then, let me go on… For a few days, or weeks, she was down because of her feelings. They weren’t reciprocated but the two were still friends, of course things were now totally different but it didn’t show on the outside. She got a job at a theatre, doing your typical teenage job (I may invent a lot of this because I’m not her and don’t know the whole story, so I’m gonna sex up the blog in parts, the stuff I don’t know’s in Italics Like now). At this theatre, a lot of her friends were already working there including the art class guy, she may have gotten the job in order to get closer to him and charm him but I don’t know that. Anyway, I doubt he was there in the beginning as she started to become fixated on more guys, and who was there to vent her feelings, whatever the hell vent means, ME! She was treating me like her own pocket sized Trisha doll (‘Kiss Me Teeth’), but I didn’t care, if you haven’t noticed I don’t have much of a life so anything other than hospitals and school was entertaining for me. The first of Jenny’s guys was a man who was a considerable amount of years ahead of her. The two became friends at her job and hung out outside of work.. in fact, she even went over to his house, if you know what i mean! Ew, Jenny’s definitely not like that, either way she may have been ‘cos the guy later announced he was going to OSLO of all places. Could this have been a lie, men are rats, it’s not a hidden fact. But it’s plausible, Oslo’s a nice place. So she comes away from that all downhearted, and things stay about the same. In her life she gets fantastic A-Levels and continues to have wonderful and insightful conversations with me! Then she tells me a few weeks ago about how she’d like to show me a picture of her boyfriend. This is pretty out of the blue, and I look at the thought and think ‘My God!’ – The picture was certainly not flattering, but hold on a second. Jenny’s a smart girl, she wouldn’t go dating your typical run of the mill chav (new word, means trailer trash) or loser, I trusted that despite the guys appearance he must be a stand up guy. But neither of that matters, later she tells me he’s moving away so she’s not going to starting anything serious. Secretly I think ‘Thank God!’ – But I’m still feeling bad for my lonely friend. Well, this fairy tale has a happy ending luckily! It now seems the art class guy is beginning to show signs he wants to reciprocate Jenny’s feelings. So, where will this story of love, lust and betrayal end? Probably with her getting together with her Art Class guy, in my opinion (and in this blog I am god so therefore what I say is law) if he doesn’t wake up and smell the coffee (mmm, Jenny Coffee) then he’s a fool and doesn’t deserve her. Of course, whatever he does, she’d want him, if he killed a little kitten she’d still want him! But that’s sweet don’tcha think!

The co-star of the later series of The X-Files, Robert Patrick, would be keen to reprise his role as Agent John Doggett in any forthcoming movies of the franchise. Source: Digital Spy – ‘X-Files’ star wants to reprise role

Yeeeeeaaaaahhh! Now all we need is Annabeth Gish and Mitch Pelligi to come on board too and we’ve got the Fab 5 back for the movie. Also X-Files related I got the new Season 2 & 3 DVD boxsets for £27. Ahh, X-Files, ahh TV, it’s not like it used to be.