Monthly Archives: January 2006

I felt like the gallery was a bit messy, after all there are over 110 photos in there and they were taking a while to load. Well no need to worry as I’ve updated the page with a nice new layout. I’ve also added four new photos that I took over Christmas. Two of the snow and two of my cousins Jude and Fraser. I’m at the hospital a lot lately but it’s the good kind of visits, I’m finally shooting the short film we’ve been writing. It’s a hard but fun job and I’m working with loads of awesome new people. I actually have some photos of some of the group so I’ll upload them to the new gallery.

We Belong DeadI’ve made a new blog! Okay, so regular readers (that is if I even have regular readers) will know that I currently have two blogs and they’ll be thinking now I’ve got a third how long is it going to last. Well, you don’t have to worry because it’s not only me who’s updating ‘We Belong Dead‘. Me and my friend James set it up to blog about topics related to horror and other randomness. We’ve already made 5 excellent posts so why not go and catch up… Did you know that a blog is updated somewhere on the internet every second? Fascinating!

Lord help us, first we had the launch of “Plebrity” Big Brother and now Soapstar Superstar. As one of my good friends once (or twice, or three thousand times) said “Lame.” What’s even worse is that next week Lost ends its first Season with a two-hour finale. I don’t know why we in Great Britain have to wait until Summer to see Season 2 but I won’t complain too much, at least Desperate Housewives starts again soon. But seriously, apart from that there’s nothing on TV to look forward to. It’s just as well I’m making a film then, isn’t it!