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Give Me Something to Sing About

Below, you’re about to hear the first ever snippet of You and I (if you’re kind enough to press play). I don’t know if I should be posting this so soon… for one, it’s still in the early demo stages (albeit not as early as the original preview). But we are supposed to be performing live in two weeks, so to hell with it!

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Be Careful What You Wish For?

This is a quote from a blog entry I posted in March regarding t.A.T.u.’s break-up:


What would I like to see? How about a lifetime honour that’s not from MTV Russia: let them perform during the Eurovision…


And this is what was posted on Thursday (that I just read):

TATu who represented Russia at the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest have announced that they will perform at the first 2009 Eurovision song Contest semi final on Tuesday of next week.

And now I’m experiencing that familiar crash I get after finding out about new t.A.T.u. projects. That, “DMY, you know this won’t be as good as you’re picturing it.” Crash! But you see, the first time t.A.T.u. were on Eurovision, I didn’t properly savour the experience. I barely knew them, and from what I can remember thinking back, all the press thought they were going to do something scandalous during their performance. So I remember finally seeing it and being like, “Wow, Russian girls frolicking on stage – shocker! And they were never heard from again!”

I literally cannot even think straight enough to post this, I’m so consumed with a mixture of excitement and anxiousness that I won’t be able to sleep tonight! And the thing of it is, it’s not even been officially confirmed by EBU! Ack, I need a life; preferably that of someone in Spain who’s won £110 million!