Monthly Archives: July 2008

Mash Ups

Just a note to say I’ve updated the ‘My Music‘ page and all my old mash ups (24 of them, to be precise) are available to download now.

Waiting Room Thoughts #1

So today is a Tuesday and that means I am in the waiting room at St James waiting for a blood count/crossmatch to be taken. I might post again depending on how long I wait and how bored I get – hence the number one!

I just walked into a closed door – on purpose. It was very odd, I was walking up to the building, so I was in the hospital grounds but as usual the lazy smokers couldn’t be bothered to exit the grounds to get their drug fix like they’re legally supposed to do. So I had to walk past 6 or 7 of them and it just angered me so much that I sped up to get inside and realised the automatic doors would not open fast enough – another thing that had been pissing me off, why be automatic and slow?! So I was like “f’it!” and I crashed into them before they opened. It didn’t hurt, but I’m worried it was a form of self abuse. I am getting very stressed out very quickly lately. I need to find my Zen!

In the time it took to write this, I’ve had my count and we’re now leaving!

You Gotta Start Sometime

I don’t hate this… In fact (for free) it’s turned out excellent! But I’m so depressed to see these websites I’ve built up from scratch over the past 6 years disappear for the simple fact Orange didn’t want to offer the free service anymore. If I ever meet someone who works at Orange, regardless of their position, I’m likely to kick them in the nads.

So what can I offer you that’s positive? Pretty much all the internal pages are working, I have corrected some of the ancient blog posts, just for your convenience!

I never get people who turn down the Dragons’ Den. I wonder what the suicide rate is of business entrepreneur’s… they look so stressed! I don’t reckon I could do it. Haha, OMG this TV regulating device for children is hilarious. There could be a crossover with Supernanny!

IPhone Test

One of the main reasons I chose to host my blog/website on was because I could post blogs from my iPhone. If this doesn’t work, I’ve wasted a day!

Here’s a photo of Gatorade. Costco sold it in the vending machine and I can’t recall ever seeing it over here before. Shame it wasn’t Snapple.