Monthly Archives: September 2006

I really oughta stop staying up until 3am googling my name but Ohmigod, some French radio station played my Nelly Furtado/Killers mash up a fortnight ago, point your browser at Pure FM and see my name! I’m kind of annoyed, my newest column is up in the Candlelighters magazine but it’s been edited, I think I may have gone a few too many words over my limit but I wish someone would have told me as it’s been edited and there’s random comma’s and stuff that make me look like a lazy writer when I am NOT! Is this not proof right here? Still googling, here’s another one of my creations, though just the video done by me this time. Ooh, apparently I won the Irish Lotto… no, wrong Thomas McNab.

Video Blog #1TVB05:
Posting The Web.

Today has been freaky, there was a flash flood and a tornado about a mile from where I live. An aeroplane just flew really low over the house and now someone keeps revving up a chainsaw … at midnight! Is it any wonder I can’t sleep? It’s my mum and step-dad’s fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow, whilst I have another blood transfusion. I should look-up some words before I go to bed in case I play Scrabble, Simon keeps beating me, the swine!

Video Blog #1TVB04:
Well I’m Not Well.