Monthly Archives: October 2003

My blood actually went up to 9.5. What’sup wit’ that? Very strange. So I guess I’ve been feeling low because of that other reason… hopefully I can tell you about in 2 weeks. But until then have a nice half-term, and if you live in Scotland hope you had a nice Half-Term and if you live in… somewhere else Hope you’re going to have a nice Half-term and Jenny have a nice half-term abroad.

You know what’s pissing me off right now? Flash Pop-ups that cause your browser to shake. Man they’re annoying. And since they’re flash you can’t close them straight away. I’ll be off until Thursday for half-term. I need time away to reflect. Been doing alot of that lately. Wanting to make BOLD decisions but not being strong enough too! I think the time away will do me good.

I really want to be an editor when I leave 6th Form College and to show off my editing I’ve just created two trailers for my favourite movie ‘Halloween‘. You can watch the trailers if you have ‘Real Player’ or ‘Real One’. If you liked them and want to say “well done” or whatever then please feel free to E-mail me!

I’ve been feeling really low even though my blood count is 9.4. I’m getting it re-checked tomorrow and I might have some more blood so I’m well enough to go on holiday with my dad to Bridlington. Made some trailers, see them here.